Future Jayhawk highlights

  • You may recall a month ago I posted a picture of me and Terrence Howard and future Jayhawk Markese Jacobs was playing. He has some nice highlights in it including a nice throwdown at 2:14, and the last clip. The kid’s got some major ups. Video gives names of kids making the plays so you can see when Markese is featured.

  • @wissox jerrance, sweet!

  • Is Demarius his brother? Where’s he going?

  • @chriz Yes, Demarius is his brother and he was awesome that game. He’s going to Southern Illinois.

  • @wissox damn, too bad we couldn’t get both of them.

  • @chriz I think his brother is a tweener, too small to play big in college, not skilled enough to play guard for a major program. I think he’ll fit in a mid major like SIU pretty well.

  • @wissox amazing how someone can dominate at one level then be completely lost at the very next.

  • @wissox

    Agree, he will be a very good combo forward for SIU.

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