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  • Before taking my lunch break I was talking to some of my fellow jayhawkers about this team, how they will end up and which team they remind me of. I came up with the 2004-05 Jayhawks. This team started out HOT (20-1 record) as we have this year with a 18-2 record. Both teams were loaded with seniors and up classmen and thought by many to be a FF lock. 05 Had Simien. Langford. Miles. Lee and juniors Moody and Hawkins. That team wasn’t very deep as well. They ended up hanging on for the b12 title, but lost 6 of their last 9 games including to Bucknell in the first round of the dance. I personally think self lost control of that team, I remember watching them, thinking they just didn’t care about anything towards the end of year. Standing on defense not getting after loose balls, it was embarrassing to me, I couldn’t believe these seniors would show such little heart (outside of Simien). I still see that tournament game in my mind us walking up the floor and them running for layups. This team is the biggest disappointment in my lifetime IMO. I guess what I’m getting at is I saw this same lazy I don’t give a dam attitude the last 3 minutes of the WV game that let a 7 point lead grow to 19 (thanks frank for the last second 3 lol) by just flatout giving up. hopefully this team can learn from our past, if not we will be out early for the third time in four years my friends.

  • @kjayhawks

    This team needs leadership. I’ve been saying it from Day 1.

    They need someone to step up and bietch slap his teammates and bring them back to consciousness. The WVU game was the perfect example. At the end, we fluttered then caved in. There was no leadership to smack the boys in line.

    Frank is an incredible player… but he is not a leader. Yes, he can takeover a game. So can any volume scorer. Frank IS a volume scorer, not a leader.

    Devonte is the man to lead this team. But the keys have to be handed over to him and he has to commit to ownership.

    Without this happening, I’m not optimistic about March. And it is a major move, especially this late in the season. I know everyone thinks we are running two PGs. No… we are running ZERO PGs, unless your definition of a PG is just to be a small guy with handles.

    I’m not going to list all the responsibilities required from a real PG. I’ve done that probably a dozen times now.

    We have the potential to go a long ways in March, I don’t care what others say. But someone has to take control of this team.

  • @drgnslayr agreed

  • @drgnslayr To me, it feels like Josh is going to wind up being the leader. People were losing their minds over his " T’s " earlier - I was loving it. I love his passion, his hatred of losing. If he can keep hitting some outside shots and especially if he can start hitting FT’s - if I were the coach, he’d be leading the team with Frank and Devonte doing the rest.

  • @nuleafjhawk I like it. Josh has the type of attitude that I love to see in players. I don’t know if Bill would let him, thougj

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