Beastie Boy Arrives In Lawrence....

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    I remember when the Beastie Boys hit the scene. “Who are these skinny white boys? What do they think they are doing, messin’ with hip hop? Their gonna get hurt!”

    That was the chatter. The pushback. Skinny white boys shouldn’t be allowed to touch the coveted turf of hip hop. Fellas gotta be tough. This is music from high rise livin’ it low.

    These boys kicked down the barriers. There was no denying their goods. They didn’t have to pose, they didn’t have to pretend. They just nailed it.

    By the time the smoke cleared these boys had seven platinum albums between 1986 and 2004, making them one of the longest-lived hip hop acts worldwide.



    Mitch Lightfoot is a Beastie. Mitch “Beastie” Lightfoot. We better get used to it, because his day has arrived. Another skinny white boy ready to prove he has the goods. “Beastie” is a baller. Prepare yourselves.



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