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  • Well ok for the 2nd time this season bad pub being put out surrounding the Basketball team. - -First Bragg which as we all know was proven TOTALLY false, and now this with SURPOSEDELY five of our teams player being witnesses in some sort of way to this alleged rape. Let me relay what I saw and what I’m thinking right now:

    What I read & it troubles me just a little. - -What I am reading is, the people in the know, or dealing with this situation says - - - the reason it wasn’t reported like any other crime was it likely would of received extensive media coverage both regionally and Nationally due to the fact the KU Basketball team lives at the facility, and due to the number of allegations Nationally involving student-athletes and sexual assault cases.

    Now this bothers me to an extent , Now let me say I DO NOT believe any of the players had any part of this alleged rape - -I mean seriously , Frank? Lightfoot ? Vang ? just not seeing it - -BUT? - - they say they are afraid of the media and exposure - - the question is KU players or not , should this NOT be brought to light? - -Is this surpose to be swept under the rug? - -Will it not , which it already has made National exposure as it’s all over the news anyways - -But whether it’s NOW or LATER will it not get all kinds of media attention? - -just like the Louisville situation? and to a different extent not the same BUT just like the North Carolina grade situation? are those not STILL getting National media exposure? -I dunno maybe it’s me , maybe I’m looking at this wrong, but when I hear this it just seems little regard for the alleged victim. Seems like caring less for her regard and more for the accused. - - Again I don’t think or feel there is ANY chance in hell any of our players were directly involved in this , but the question for me is still - -WHY shouldn’t this be brought out NOW ?

    It says the Campus Security policy and Campus crime statistics require university police to maintain a written daily crime log within TWO business days of being reported to police. - -BUT there are eceptions

    It says institutions can withhold information from the log IF it would jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation OR THE SAFETY of an individual, or cause a suspect to flee, or evade detection, or result in the destruction of evidence. Then at whatever point the "adverse effect " of concern is no longer likely to occur the institution is required to add the incident to the crime log.

    Ok, my question is, whether they list it NOW or it’s released Now - OR later - - do they really think that the " adverse effect " -will just go away? - - If this turns out to be false , even if they wait - -which they are , if this is another false accusation , which I’m not say it is, or it’s not BUT do they think that IF it is that the danger to this girl is Gone? -OR if it’s true do they think that the danger for retalitation in some form to THAT person will be gone? I just don’t see how the consequences would be any less however this turns out. - -IF this did happen, you don’t think that your NOT going to have some really PISSED of relatives or whoever that this has happened to a 16 yr old girl? - - If it didn’t happen same thing you don’t think she isn’t going to. have to worry about retaliation in some way shape or form? - -No Matter when it gets revealed it’s going to get ALL KINDS OF MEDIA attention - -exposure Local and Nationally - already has , just very confusing - not good pub for the boys , just another distraction - -hoping for better days - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 where did you read they were witnesses to the rape?

  • @jayballer54

    Sometimes it is best to internalize your concerns and just let the process take place.

    This is a case not so different from what Carlton went through earlier and it just doesn’t do anyone good to project too much of anything because of the threat it all gets hyped up more and possibly turning in the wrong direction.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I got a question for you. - -just where the hell did I post that they were witnesses TO A RAPE? - -where anywhere in that thread did I say the KU Basketball players were witnesses to a rape, I just went back and re=read and see nothing- -please enlighten me. What I DID SAY in this thread that they were witness to a rape or surposed rape in some IN SOME SORT OF WAY. - like has been stated on this subject HUGE difference between Witness, AND eye witness . No where did I say they were EYE Witness to a rape. They are witness could be because they saw the girl enter the building with the alleged suspect or they could of seen her enter the allege4d suspects room that’s it period - -nothing more nothing less… Just don’t see where I posted they were Witness to a rape, the KEY phrase is, if you were to read it - I said in ONE WAY OR ANOTHER - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 guess I read it different

    proven TOTALLY false, and now this with SURPOSEDELY five of our teams player being witnesses in some sort of way to this alleged rape.


  • I had an odd thought … what about Evan Maxwell? Just looking at circumstances. That is a question no one asked Self or anyone else. Of course, zero information to support. Just, again, a circumstantial puzzle piece to eliminate. I know nothing about the guy other than the very nice things I’ve heard.

    McCarthy, while it houses basketball players, doesn’t it also house team managers and others related to BB program? I thought it did – some of which count as the non-athlete portion of the population of the building. The sleuths would try to see who’s missing in the building now. Of course, it could be a non-resident of the building too.

  • I mentioned Evan. Felt bad even saying it though. Be surprised if he could leave.

  • @HighEliteMajor McCarthy houses approximately houses 40 students. - -They say right at half are KU Basketball players. - -The other are upper classmen - - non traditional ( whatever that means ) and Transfer Students )

    The only thing is and I know it’s a very guarded mention, but just sayin the only thing that would play into the Evan thing - wouldn’t he still be traveling with the team & be a the Sprint Center that night? - -If I remember right seems other transfers even when they at not eligible yet STILL travel with the team and sit on the end of the bench in street clothes - -right or wrong? - -just askin - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54


    In his press conference Coach Self indicated that he had zero information that would lead to a player suspension. He also very forcefully rebuked a press member that implied there was a cover up. He also indicated that only 16 of the 40 or so “beds” available were taken by basketball players which leaves 24 other residents. The building has high security and you need to go through a fingerprint detector or be escorted into the building.

    At this point we really do not have any information and all this guessing game does absolutely no good.

  • The players might have seen the girl and perp earlier that evening. Maybe they asked for an autograph or something. This isn’t Louisville.

  • @HighEliteMajor Or, maybe Evan had nothing to do with it, and knew nothing about it.

  • @JayHawkFanToo very very true, and I just heard Coach Self’s meeting today And I loved it – flat took the media whoever it was pretty much to task " I don’t know where your going & I don’t like it " awesome Coach I’m right there with you – -

    Also the local radio station here in Topeka brings up a good point - - - I agree - -they applauded the local newspaper " THE CAPITAL JOURNAL " for NOT mention of the 6 Basketball players names - -and Took task to the KC STAR FOR mentioning their names. - -their point, said the Star sure had no problem mentioning they Basketball players names BUT sure no mention of the TWO 19 yr old females names - -OR naming the AD’S name= =saying if your going to name the players, then all that was mentioned names should also be named BOT just the players, they said it was just a ploy to get readers, no regard for the players - -AGREE 100 % - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @KUSTEVE Totally agree, they could of seen her walking into the dorm with a guy, could of seen her possibly going into a room with a guy - -doesn’t mean that they were RIGHT THERE watching things go on - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • A Female reporter asked Self if he’s holding back information. Here is his answer.



    It was on a Saturday and KU was playing Davidson at 6:00 pm at the Sprint Center in KC so there is a good chance they soent Friday night in KC or the left early in the day Saturday for KC. Remember the run drill hours before the game and also have a shoot around before the game. Whatever they saw probably happened after they got back to Lawrence.

  • Also read that said Coach Self knew about this incident the day that it happened, and he STILL hasn’t received any information that would warrant any player sitting - that tells me or at least Strongly Suggests that it WASN’T any player that was directly involved with this alleged rape. Don’t get me wrong I for sure am not trying to imply that this did not happen - -maybe it di - may be it didn’t BUT just saying sure sounds like to me that NO players were involved in this - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @wrwlumpy That was a bullshit question. Pardon my French.

  • @JayHawkFanToo they did go up fri pm

  • Did I not read somewhere the silence had something to do w/title 9? Thought they had to keep it quiet for a certain length of time. I think the girl being 16 might have something to do w/it too. Not sure, just thoughts.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Good info which indicates it was unlikely a guest of a player. As I posted before, they probably had dinner after the game and did not get to Lawrence/dorm until close to midnight. Most likely scenario, they saw an argument as they were walking as a group into the building…it is possible that because the Bragg incident they were told to stay away from any arguments that did not directly involve the team and this is exactly what they did.

  • @JayHawkFanToo icy too! Who knows what happened?

  • @jayballer54 I’ve just brought up his name because of the phrasing used by Self … Maxwell is no longer one of our players, wouldn’t be subject to suspension, etc. Also, there are five players that were witnesses of some sort, and they had a game that night. So they apparently have some information. But as @KUSTEVE said, it could be a big zero and likely is. Just odd no one has at least asked.

  • @HighEliteMajor Agreed - – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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