Some Basketball What-Ifs and Some Random Outliers on Inauguration Day

  • What if…

    What if Bob Huggins hires Andrea Hudy away from KU in order to turn himself into a rock hard body finally able to burn his man bras? What if?

    What if the future of college basketball 5 guards all under 5-8 and 150 capable of moving at quantum speeds in which they not only move instantaneously from place to place on the court violating the locality assumption, but were able to alter each other’s spin moves via quantum entanglement? What if?

    What if in the post truth world today that liars want us to accept as inevitable, the national champion were determined through psychological operations and mind control to make us believe a team has won when it hasn’t? What if?

    What if Bill Self takes his players out to a top secret installation and is given highest level security clearance; then lets weapon scientists expert in nano-drone formations dropped from mother ships and operated by distributive artificial intelligence programming that causes the nano drone formations to think, strategize, deploy and fight in realtime embed the artificial intelligence into every player on the KU roster, so that after programming, the team becomes a coach-less entity that swarms down from the rafters of any arena and overwhelms to opponent with infinitely varying tactics? What if?

    What if J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Stanley Kubrick, Frank Herbert, Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg and the Wachowski Brothers all worked as agents of the Deep State generating a body of modern mythology portraying the triumph of individual and corporate-military order bound up in secular magic, over family, representative government and orthodox religion? What if?

    What if Self has solved the problem of feeding the post once and for all by eliminating feeding the post entirely? What If?

    What if Bob Huggins decides to play a polite friendly game of basketball in Morgantown to completely throw KU off from its preparations for a knife fight? What if?

    (Note; all fiction. No malice.)

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