Good read on Embiid from Liberty ballers

  • [Joel playing like defensive player of the year](

    Joel’s All Star starter bid falls short

    Everyone must think me lame for posting news about Joel seemingly adnauseum. BUT, I love this guy!! Look how many all star votes he got, as a rookie!

    In the last 40 years, who has done that AND had the stats and capabilities on the court to back it up?

    Maybe small time guys like no big deal, like Jordan, Shaq, Duncan. I dont know, I didnt look up the answer.

    But for real, JoJo an All Star as a ROOKIE! We all know that if he was truly playing 36 minutes per game that this wouldnt even be a discussion right now. He would be the best player in the league, right now.

    Not the best Center, the best player.

    I submit to everyone right now that Joel is the best since Wilt. There is ample evidence to show that.

    Of course, I know, He isnt playing the back end game of two in a rows. He isnt playing more than 28 minutes per game. The most important thing for his long term future is to make absolutely sure that his foot holds up. I mean it would be tragically tragic beyond words if he should injure himself permanently. Tragic for him, tragic for us KU fans, tragic for 76ers fans and tragic for the entire game itself.

    (Tangent) I wonder how many KU fans voted Joel as an All Star that dont even pay attention to NBA ball. I also wonder how many 76ers fans voted him an All Star.

    I also think about how many 76ers fans out there became KU fans just because of Joel and vice versa.

    I plug myself into the latter group for sure!!

    OK, back to primary topic. If Joel stays healthy, which I think he will, I absolutely think he should at least make a secondary spot on the All Star roster this year. NOBODY is doing what Joel is doing right now. Noone. Well, no rookie or second year anyways. i mean the only guys that are equaling Joel’s production on both ends of the court are Super Stars with multiple years in the League!

    We all knew, watching Joel at KU that he was special, that he was a once in a generation talent. He is a freeking sponge you guys! I read these articles talking about his transcendent court awareness and his offensive and defensive capabilities and my jaw drops. I gape even further when I see him do those things in a replay or a Gif embedded into an article.

    Joel isnt an athlete, he’s an artist!!

  • @Lulufulu Listened to Bill Self interviewed by Doug Gottlieb today. He was talking about Joel with someone at a hall of fame induction ceremony in recent years and told the person that if Joel stays healthy he will be inducted in about 20 years. The person gave him a look like come on, you’re his biased coach, and Bill said ‘trust me’.

    Annoyingly Gottlieb then has to close the interview with a question about Svi travelling at the end of the KSU game. Self said the play happened so fast he didn’t see it and isn’t surprised that the officials didn’t see it, again as it was happening so fast. Gottlieb kind of doubted him and Bill basically ended the interview.

  • @wissox Shorts on backwards!

  • @wissox Yeaaaah, we all know Gottlieb likes to eat terds for breakfast.

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