The Hilton Magic....

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  • Their masters…



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  • Funny stuff!

  • @wrwlumpy the wizard of oz characters are great, didn’t help them, but still funny

  • @autohawk

    They sure like to make fun of Bill. And no one gets booed more than Bill when we enter the Hilton.

    Just shows how little they know about basketball…

    Hey… we respect good coaches, even if they compete against us and sometimes win. And we are thankful when a good coach signs on to a Big 12 team. It is good for our conference and good for us, too. But we know basketball and didn’t just start following ball 5 years ago because a winning coach came to town.

    These Clones are nuts. I guess they got tired of watching corn grow so they affix on Clone ball. But I’m glad to see enthusiasm grow for any teams in the Big 12. It is good for all of us. Just wish they had a bit of class and self dignity.

  • @drgnslayr the video they posted on cyfan called the legend of toupee bill is kind of funny.

  • Remember everybody…they actually believe in magic…

  • @drgnslayr Good stuff! What is your personal take on Shaka Smart, our next upcoming foe?

  • @ralster

    It is pretty obvious that Shaka is facing a season of humble pie. If he is truly a decent coach he will learn from his struggles and become a stronger person and a better coach from it.

    Will that become the reality?

    I don’t know. I actually hope he figures things out and helps Texas compete but I have my doubts.

    He seems too reliant on the “momentum train”… and some of the tools he had to create momentum are gone. So what does he do now? Oh… yeah… COACH! He can start coaching!

    In some ways he reminds me of Stumpy Miller, but Stumpy has a lot more going for him and a more formal background in coaching basketball. And Stumpy is setup much better for recruiting and still maintains some of his momentum (which was a huge part in getting him where he is today).

    Imagine if either of these “salesman type” coaches had the background of Bill Self? He actually has the “real momentum” behind him. In some ways I wish Bill was a little bit more salesman, but then I take a view back at Shaka and Stumpy and feel totally relieved!

    Shaka and Stumpy are part of my view of college basketball and help motivate me and thank the heavens every single day that we have Bill Self as our coach!

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