ok it's time

  • Guys it is time for people to really get serious about Frank as POY. I know we already know, but people will say we biased. But I mean DAM., this kid just comes out the 2nd half and says I’m taking over, and taking over he did. Thing is this isn’t the only time, this guy is doing this all year I mean he had like 27 points and then just kind of shut it down -but you wanna talk total dominance on the offensive end that’s Frank written all over it.

    Now I’m sure our boy won’t get the award a lot due to Coast Biased but that’s ok we ALL KNOW Frank has took control - -this is HIS TEAM mercy his unbelievable 3pt shooting. I mean we are looking at 53 % shooting over the year and we are approaching half way in. Hosh got more aggressive in the 2nd half BUT this was Definetely Franks show – - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • What attribute is most impressive about Frank?

    He has a lot of great qualities:

    • His quickness and ability to get to the basket

    • His 3pt shooting (~5o%)

    • His ability to take contact through a shot

    • His court vision and passing ability

    • His leadership & demeanor: Steadying influence and fierce competitiveness

    (wishing we had a polling feature on the site)

    #0 is my hero

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