Bill Self and Rick Barnes discuss rule changes at Media Day

  • KUSports link here

  • As a KU and Wisconsin fan, I’m not sure I like it. We play tough D and it might force us out of our games.

    I hated seeing Syracuse maul people in the tourney last year. If it prevents some of that, great.

  • Son goes to Madison, but I’m definitely not a Ryan fan. Love Wisconsin football, but they lost a good coach to Arkansas.

  • Being in Austin it is really sad the way UT fans support BBall. They are so fair weather. Barnes has already claimed that this is a rebuilding year. Never mind half his team quit on him.

  • @RockChalkinTexas, I do sometimes think that it can’t be much fun being Rick Barnes; I suppose a couple million dollars a year eases the pain.

  • I’m really glad we have a deep team with the new rules coming into play.

    You can tell Calipari is giddy, given his depth of talent.

  • Approx… that link… pure Cal selling old Dodges. He’s busy recruiting in that tape, going on 'n on about how many scouts have been hanging around his practices… blah blah blah… And how great his team was 2 years ago… meanwhile the graphic kept popping up showing their disastrous year last year and their 1st round elimination to Robert Morris. It looked more like a SNL skit than a real interview.

    I heard a rumor that Mack Brown and Rick Barnes will trade jobs next year to see if it will help lift Texas out of their funk.

  • New defense rules = awful for college ball. I dont want to see a NBA style game. Who cares what the score is. Part of my concern is what will this do to one of Self’s cornerstone philosophies??? This is what made Self’s athletic teams BETTER than Roy’s athletic teams (we play defense), bouncing UNC out of the Tourney 3 times in the past 6yrs. Very concerned for our playstyle…

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