Where Trae Young Hopefully Commits vs The Norman Sub 500s Game Thread

  • No way this Baylor WVU game ends on time, so let’s see where our game gets moved to.

  • While we wait if you haven’t read the quick scout


  • Maybe we can blow em out, that would be ideal.

  • Officials: John Higgins, Gerry Pollard, Jamie Luckie

    Is this our first game with Higgins this year?

  • Stupid WV Baylor game. Really? 5 min left

  • Bye bye Baylor. Was good if you to place another Big 12 marker on he #1 spot. Time to make way to your superiors- The Kansas Jayhawks.

  • @BShark Is this a OU game chat? wissox has one also if so…

  • @globaljaybird

    I think I made this one first. I did not see the other one at the time.

  • Crap start so far.

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