Injury Denial Syndrome: Roots and Triggers

  • Injury Denial Syndrome seems to track to the following.

    The better a player is the more desire fans have for him not to be injured, because injury puts season hopes for success in jeopardy.

    Injury tends to trigger sudden, negative impact on a player’s performance stats. All sudden change for the worse makes fans fearful.

    The higher the hopes for a season the more threatening a potential injury is, and so the more fans resist acknowledging it.

    Persons manifesting this syndrome often attack others that draw their IDS (Injury Denial Syndrome) into question by reactively and absurdly overgeneralizing that others see injuries every where. (Note: this aspect of IDS resulted from observations of @Wissox).

  • You forgot to mention the other related syndrome: Ghost Injury Syndrome. This occurs when someone imagines a player must be hurt because we never would have lost that game if he were healthy. This syndrome is particularly prevalent in message boards of major college hoop programs fans.

    There is a cure, but it’s kind of ugly. Get one of those dolls, you know the kinds that you stick pins in. Where the ghost injury is imagined stick the pin into the doll.

    This cure is more effective when the doll looks like Grayson Allan or his coach RatFace. I think this happened recently. Duke center Chase Jeter is sitting out because of a sore back. A UNC fan suffering from this syndrome used one of those dolls that looked like RatFace. Well you know how this turned out. Ratface had major back surgery and will be sitting out a month.

    No malice intended.

  • @wissox


    You know I didn’t forget it, because it doesn’t exist!!

    But I want to thank you for helping me refine my definition. See revision above.

  • Now THIS is a fine example of how two opposing forces on an issue can address it with each other in a public environment… with humor and reaching out for common ground (Grayson smackdown).

    Pay attention, Washington DC.

  • @drgnslayr

    @wissox and I harbor a healthy annoyance with each other that has grown into a nearly inappropriate affection without losing the former. That’s why we don’t trip over these things. 😃

  • @jaybate-1.0 And really trying hard to keep it from inappropriate affection

  • @wissox

    I will help.

    Together we can set a good example.

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