So, now we really in season.

  • Ok, now that we have gotten into the so called meat of the season, have had ample time to watch our boys repeatedely, I wanna know this I know before the season started we heard several different opinions, from here and from other multiple sources about this guy declaring, or not coming back, that guy not coming back. Speculation who was going to enter the NBA dfart next season - -people wondering exactly how many scholi’s we would have. Sooo my question to all my KU brethern now is, since we have had time to watch our boys, and seeing as how WE are such experts on skills and such lol. my question as of today - - WHO IS GONE - - WHO RETURNS . - -How many available scholi’s do we or will we have?

    My thoughts actually when the season first started, I thought the gone list would be: Frank , Landen & Josh of course, - - - then from his showing off last yr and things I had been hearing and figuring even more growth this year, I figured Devonte was gone, - -I thought SVI was gone, and a possibility of Bragg not returning.

    So now this is how I feel, just my tjoughts Frank, Landen, & Josh of course - -gone for sure. I think strong possibility that SVI STILL could very well be gone, mainly from just different things I’ve read, & heard on topof the fact I really think not sure but family might need finanical asst, and their son looking to help.

    I think depending on how the rest of his season turns out, there is still afairly good chance Devonte may be gone - -that’s if he comes on strong for the rest of the season like his play of last year, BUT at this point leaning more maybe to him returning next year.

    Then Bragg - - sorry I say there is no chance in hell he declares for the NBA this year, with the way his season has went - -he needs to come back for sure, just my thoughts.

    So guys let me hear your thoguhts, - -reasons. Plus try to clear up for me how many scholi’s do we still have available - -or possibly will have available cause right now I’m totally lost on this I’ve lost track. I think Tyler Self is on Scholi this year isn’t he? so wouldn’t that be an additonal one also? - -thanks my friends - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54. I am confident that Jackson and Lucas and Tyler will be gone. Other than that, who knows?

  • @jayballer54 seniors of Mason, Graham, Lucas and self are gone of coarse. I bet Svi leaves if he continues to play well, seen him in late first round on some mock sites and doubt he can improve from that. Graham stays baring a NC to improve draft stock because 6’2 guards are a dime a dozen. Bragg will stay, not strong enough to play the post in college doesn’t look good for scouts.

  • Even though most of us seem to think that Graham may not end up being a projected first round pick and should therefore stay…doesn’t mean he won’t go anyway. Look at Selden. Or plenty of others from other schools. Self appears to be recruiting as if he will lose more than Mason and Jackson.

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