• ItIs gonna be hard, really hard to make it 13 straight, some interesting stats - -not saying we can’t - -OR won’t still statistical very close

    Baylor is holding opposition to 29 .4 - -3pt shooting. - - They beat - -4 - top - 25 teams by an avg of -12.5 West Virginia , shooting the ball better at - -49% - -& 36.9 - -from 3 - add that to the constant mad house pressure of Defense ummm ya.

    Ken Pom Rankings is WV - 4th , - -KU - 5th - Baylor 6th Sagarin Rankings is WV -1st - -KU 5th then Baylor ESPN -BPI Rankings - -WV- 1st - -KU 7th - -Baylor 10th

    But ONE big factor - -KU 49 straight wins in ALLEN - -& 32 straight conference wins, just gonna be really really interesting I think - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    I guarantee that this Kansas team does NOT want to be the team to lose the streak and they have what they need to win it again.

    And they are not taking the B12 for granted.

    I don’t expect us to go undefeated in league play this year. But I feel like we may win at places like OSU and ISU this year but may lose in places we don’t typically lose… like at Baylor and maybe somewhere else.

    I don’t know why, but I think the purple kitties are going to make some static in the league this year… question is whether they help us (like they usually do) or hurt us.

    Maybe we pick up some clues tonight.

  • Normally during the streak there has been one main challenger each year - Texas in '07 and '08, OU in '09 and '16 and K State in '13. Baylor and K State were both main challengers in '10, but other than that it has normally been just one team. This year will be the toughest year to win it in the Bill Self Era. Not only are we playing to win the conference, but we are also playing for the one seed and the regional in Kansas City.

    In order to win, we have to get off to a solid start. Our first seven games are almost must win games with the hardest being at Ames which would give us a 7-0 start. The next is at West Virginia, the hardest place for us to win at. We have not handled their press very well in the last three years. This year has to be different, especially when we can put four guards on the floor with three of those having significant experience against the press. West Virginia is not a great offensive team, though they were making their shots against Okie State. In order to win, we have to score a lot of points off of the pressure. This will be the hardest game for us and I hope the guys are motivated to finally get an elusive W there.

  • @HawkChamp Win all of our home games and 3/4 of the road games is a winning formula.

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