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  • Famous people from Manhatten.


  • A cottage industry has grown over the years involving how the two schools feel about each other.


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  • If Bruce Weber wins enough Conference games to make the Tournament, he will not only keep his job, but probably get and extension.

  • KU is a 12 point favorite at home.

  • Have to admit…the Mangino joke is pretty good.

  • Ed Nealy…boy that brings back memories. Our fans would yell that he had a butt like a girl…but he usually had a double double against us.

  • I miss Frank Martin.

    He is a true one-of-a-kind and added spice to our conference. He respected KU, too.

    In some ways he reminds me of Huggybear. You had to look past the rough outer shell to see the quality person inside.

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  • @kjayhawks

    What is that old poem on the wood chip chipper?

  • image.jpeg K-State friends, I was the individual identified as the fan who bumped Jamari Traylor during the court storm following K-State’s victory over KU. I want to take this moment to share a sincere apology in breaking from the Wildcat way and stepping outside what is acceptable in the spirit of the game. Following the basketball game I simply let my emotions get the best of me in all of the chaos. In my excitement I was not careful of the people I was around. I am sorry that I made the KU basketball team—Jamari Traylor in particular—feel disrespected. By no means can I change what took place but in the future I will be aware of how emotions can impact good judgment.

    Nathan Power

  • @Crimsonorblue22 WTH ? Wreck Silo Tech anyway !!

  • @Hawk8086 Did ED play for Cotton F in KC with the Kings or in Manhattan … or both to lazy to gaggle today…

  • Just checked-Cotton was at KSU almost 20 yrs before Nealy but did coach him with the Kings.

  • Things can be rather boring when State plays at AFH, but when we go to Bramlage, something, not really hatred, but something about beating up a supposed bully who disrespects them, because we don’t even think about them, seems to be their M.O. When I was young, K-State was an equal to KU in Basketball. They had good coaches and great players. Kruger, Richmond, Henson. Somehow they started to excel at football with Snyder and we decided to grab ahold of our history, the legacy of the inventor of basketball and the father of coaching. Coach Allen was responsible for the NCAA Tournament which was held almost every year in kansas City. He and Hank Iba made this part of the country the hotbed of basketball. Huggie brought in some OADS which he was able to recruit in an fashion that allowed him to do things that others weren’t able to, because he wasn’t even in coaching when Beasley and Walker came to the Little Apple. When the Beasley and Walker group won for the first time in a gazillion years and the players stood on the scorers table to recieve the adulations given to a God by the fans who go back to Kansas City for Christmas and hear jokes about their school. I understand that, The court storming for every one of their victories since then bewilders me. If you are good, act like it.

  • I thought B.Snyder is from St.Joseph, MO…?

  • @ralster I look upon him being a resident there. Just using the Wikipedia. I’m sure he was probably friends with a youthful Walter Cronkite back in St. Joe.

  • This is what I will be doing after the game…


  • @JayHawkFanToo why wait? I’ll have a piece please .

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Don’t want to jinx the team…

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Interesting change. However, our 4 outside guys will more than compensate for the lack of size inside.

  • Its interesting to me how high KSU is ranked on Kenpom and RPI. Kenpom has them at #33, with good adjusted defense at #33 in that as well (not surprising), but its crazy to me for the to be that high ranking with 344 in SOS. RPI has them at #62 with an SOS of 284. They are 211th in rebounding, 143rd in points at 75.5 per game, only good stat is again defense allowing just 59 PPG ranked 7th there. They aren’t a great shooting team from the floor or 3, which is surprising looking at the NAIA level of schedule they have played. They shot it terrible vs Texas (36%, 25% from 3) but 33 FTs to 12 was the difference in that one. Weber said in his press that they would go inside quite a bit because we don’t have any size, which I don’t know that I agree with Svi at 6’8, JJ 6’6, Vick at 6’5 and we could always go to a line up with both bigs and 6’10 Bragg. Self called them one of the most improved teams in the land. I’m not sure about that, I know coach likes to be nice and professional but they are going to have to beat someone at least decent (best win is #109 rpi Omaha @ home) before I say they are any other than better than the joke they were a year ago. Its really strength vs strength, I say its a race to 65 points if much more is scored I say its outta reach on the road for KSU. If we shoot well its prob a route, I’ll go KU 78 KSU 62.

  • Vegas does not believe in KSU at all. Line is around 13.5.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Heh, posted before I saw this.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Same with me. I have extreme talent in that area.

  • What is freaking me out is that Baylor is ranked #2 in the nation in the AP. KU IS #2 in the Coaches poll. Bleacher Report BPI ranking’s has West Virginia as the #1 team in the country. Yet we continue to hear about how the best teams are on the East Coast.

  • @wrwlumpy I agree with you. Baylor and West Virginia have beat Louisville and Virginia respectively, and WVU’s win was on the road. Total hogwash that the east coast teams are better - there is just more of them.

  • @drgnslayr 😳🤔

  • KU should be able to handle KSU tonight. KSU just doesn’t match up well with KU.

    DJ Johnson might have an advantage inside, but he’s not a big time scorer. He isn’t the type of guy that can hang 25 or 30 on a team, so he can’t really exploit our main weakness.

    Dean Wade is also not a big time interior scorer, and he also probably draws the task of trying to stay in front of Josh Jackson or Svi on the other end. Whichever one Wade ends up guarding probably goes off for a big game tonight (Likely Svi, since Iwundu probably guards Jackson).

    The sneaky matchup nightmare for KSU is actually Vick coming off the bench. Vick can hang with any of KSU’s starters, and if KSU has to go small to match up, they are in serious trouble, particularly if they have to play any two of their bench guards together.

    This game will likely showcase our 5 headed perimeter attack. There just aren’t many teams that can match up with those guys.

  • It should be within 10 points, but we’ll be snacking on Grape Ape this evening, I am predicting.

  • OK HERE YOU GO the point spread over the last 10 yrs all w"s of course : – KU by 18, 11, 26, 21, 18, 24, 17, 15 27 there you have it. - -point spread currently 13.5 - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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