Self vs. Dixon, or The love of a girl can make a man stay on when he should go, stay on...

  • Cyn has to identify with the virtuous woman in a western waiting to see if her man wins the showdown.

    And Bill has to identify with Gunfighters.

    Maybe every coach does.

    Over the years a lot of new guns have been hired to knock Self off.

    It never ends/Never.

    Not as long as he’s takin’ the checks/the checks.

    Every year it’s some one new in the B12.

    Over the years, Self has faced down a lot. Been quicker than them all/Them all.

    Knight. Sampson. Saddler. Barnes. Billy Clyde. Anderson. Martin. Haith. The Mayor. Tubbie. Kruger. Trent. Travis. Prohm. Shaka.

    Now Jaime Dixon.

    He’s good.

    Real good.

    Turn around good.

    Back home good.

    Lose by six to the #3 team with Trent’s cellar dwellers good.

    If Self stays with us for five more years, there are going to be some monster confrontations between Self and Dixon.

    Dixon will own Texas recruiting in three years if he can claw to 20 wins next season/twenty wins.

    Owning that state’s recruits is the El Dorado of college basketball. Owning that state’s recruiting brought Knight to Texas Tech, LB to SMU and Barnes and Shaka to Austin City Limits.

    Self may in the third act of career face his greatest challenge.

    Dixon is a COACH!

    KU’s Master Gunfighter, like Cole Thornton in Howard Hawks “El Dorado”, decides where and when he will risk his neck. Let’s hope he keeps seeing the odds in risking it in Lawrence. It’s really good that some seasoned guns ride beside him and walk down the dark streets of the Big 12 with him. I’m talkin’ bout New York Norm, LA Townsend and Peoria Snacks. Ya gotta have some one watching the back doors and alleys.

    Self and Dixon are going to have to meet in the street 10 times the next five years at least.

    Cyn, like Kansan Vera Miles before her, has to know one side of Bill is the affably honest and determined Ransom Stoddard carrying law books in a land where they were needed but often did no good. But the other side is Tom Doniphon, a hard case with a gun and a side kick.

    As Gene Pitney sang in a song intended for, but cut from another classic oater, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence:”

    "From the moment a girl gets to be full-grown, the very first that thing she learns

    When two men go out to face each other, only one returns."

    There’s uh show down uh brewin’ in Bill’s future down south of the Picket wire and south of the Red River/way south.

    It’s an Okie thing.

    Sooner or later, every Okie that dares to stand tall winds up in a show down with someone from Sam Houston-land/That land.

    And only one returns.

  • Hate to say it, but this was a very winnable game for TCU. The difference in the game was the chalk-board plays on inbounds, just as Reid Gettys said, and 1 Frank. Lucas was a monster, and Bragg did better.

    Now if Bragg can add a legit 3gun and dribbledrive, we’d be better.

    Agree about Dixon being a very good coach. He just doesnt have the roster. You look at Kruger’s very young squad, and TCU may already be better than OU. Very interesting developments up and down the Big12.

    Lucas plays better when he’s The Man down low. Self is not going to give up on post play development.

    JJackson didnt help us, but learned a lot. Net neutral.

  • @ralster

    Copy & paste

  • Jamie Dixon is the real deal. What a difference a coach can make. A team like TCU, though, could pay tough but still be 6-12 or 7-11 in conference. Big difference between playing tough and winning tough games.

    And @ralster’s point on the inbounds plays is exactly right. They are free points.

    Sophomore Bragg reminds me a bit of freshman Ellis. Difficulty getting the ball in the hole.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    What a difference a coach can make…

    It is striking. There just are a few persons that recognize what each play could contribute, find a scheme that lets them, encourages them to get a little better at a couple things they didn’t think they could, and gets them to love their teammates and play HARD!

    Cool to see everytime it happens.

    I never get tired of seeing it happen.


  • TCU’s floor this year appears to be NIT and they could be a team that sneaks in the NCAA tournament this year. If they get to 8-10 in conference play with a win or two over KU, Baylor, or WVU, and win a Big 12 tournament game, and beat Auburn at home at the end of January, that would put them in the 20-21 range and in consideration for an at-large bid.

    I’d say, KU, Baylor, and WVU are tournament locks for the Big 12 with ISU, OSU, Tech, TCU, and KSU having the ability to make the tournament this year. I do believe ISU and OSU will get in and that KSU, TCU and, Tech will probably come down to the end of the season for possibly 1, maybe 2 tournament bids.

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