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  • Hey just wanted to find out if anyone ever heard REALLY for SURE why Connor transferred to Wichita state. - - Was he upset? feeling like he deserved more playing time? - -What?

    I would hope that this WASN’T the reason, because based on his stats at WSU, I can’t see any justification where that would be coming from, I feel he is a disappointment , I mean the prove is in the pudding - -stats don’t lie.

    At WSU he averages 21.4 mpg - - -only 6.1 spg - - 36.7 fg % 29-79 - - -& worse yet only 31.6 % 18-57 3 pt shooting. - - Now I’m no rocket scientist but those numbers speak volumes to me, pretty well speak for themselves. - -I mean I was under the understanding 3pt shooting was surpose to be his specialty. Now he is getting the 3rd most playing minutes at WSU and this is what he is producing? - -Plus he has only attempted 12 free throws the entire year? 10-12, to me that wouldn’t be cutting it.

    Now IF he transferred out for the sole reason of lack of minutes? - -then I don’t think he has a pot to p - - - in. Those kind of stats are not going to get you MORE playing time - -ESPECIALLY at KU- - on top of that umm sure wouldn’t get more playing time because of his defensive presence, for sure not a specialty of his - - Now believe it or not not trying that hard to rag on the guy but if this was the reason for transferring out? - - - I just don’t get it - -the bottom line is I don’t think by the looks of things we lost that much. - -is it JUST ME? let me know what you all think. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Wasn’t it because we signed Devonte? I think the kid is a great high school player, period.

  • Yeah, those numbers aren’t good. The reason his departure hurt was the year immediately after, where he could have spelled Frank ball handling (maybe?), Getting points from the backcourt, and played some 2. But looking at this roster it’s hard to remember circumstances where this really hurt us that year. Luckily for us, Frank is a warrior. I do remember lack of perimeter scoring in the fools gold portion of that season where maybe he could have helped?

    I think with any elite program, the roster can heal from a single transfer quickly. I’d count the biggest roster limitations (and causes) Bill has had as follows:

    1. Lack of defense, depth and playbook knowledge after entire starting 5 leave and Embiid gets injured, 2012-13. Also, Naadir tharpe as the primary ball handler.
    2. 200o-2009 roster youth behind Sherron and Cole. So green.

    In both cases, it was a championship run and the mass exodus thereafter that causes us to be really thin. I was going to put the transfer of Padgett and Niang causing Self to start Moody 2004-05 but looking at that roster, it was loaded. We had Giles and Darnell and Simien at the 4.

    Anyway, history goes to the victors. And you’re right, it would appear that Frankamps transfer didn’t make a significant difference. His minutes went to Devonte. Glad about that!

  • The bad part about his transfer is that he went from one hard nosed coach to another. So if he was unhappy, I’m not sure what he thought was going to change. He should have went to NDSU or somewhere like that.

  • @KUSTEVE I REALLY don’t know, could of been, yes really good high school player - - Difference is Connor like so many others think theycan get away with the same stuff they did in HIGH SCHOOL, only to be shelled shocked when they get in College and find out that there are several players that’s just as good and a lot of others a lot better and they can’t get away with the same thing they did in high school. - -

  • Frankamp “transferred” out of KU for reasons unrelated to basketball. The kid deserves a chance to get his life back together and some privacy so I will leave it at that. No sense in discussing it here since he is no longer a part of the program.

  • The F is for Fail…

  • Banned

    The KU basketball machine is a beast. In the beginning a recruit is the cats meow and the second after he signs he’s being over recruited. It is the life of a player in KU basketball lore.

    Hope the best for Conner, he just for whatever reason couldn’t handle the beast.

  • The truth is that Frankamp just wasn’t a good enough basketball player to make it at KU. Not big enough to be a 2. Not quick enough to handle the 1. Unaccustomed to a niche role. That’s a tough transition to make at the same time when you’re dealing with all of the normal freshman stuff (away from home, new people, harder academics, etc).

    I was always concerned about how he would pan out at KU, especially since he was a Kansas kid. Hopefully, as @JayHawkFanToo said, he can get himself together and live a productive life.

  • Christ, more lament, wonder, yearning, melancholia over Conner Frankamp.

    In a sentence: Off court issues (drinking), gets DUI 3 weeks after arriving at WSU, overbearing Dad, and strikes NO FEAR in KU’s opponents, unlike Mason or Graham.

    Ive watched a few WSU games, & announcers keep, keep, keep talking about how he’s such a good shooter. They need to find better filler, as STATS (see above) prove them wrong.

    6ppg in the MVC. CF apologists need to just stop. CF and Bill Self proved the sour observations correct. His dad needs to have him focus on a marketable degree so the kid can feed himself. Overseas ball? Where kids like RussRob & Langford prowl, earning 6- & 7-figs? He wont fit there either. VanVleet was faster than CF.

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