Welp another early upset

  • WEll St John’s beats Butler # 13 Butler by 3. - - Louisville goes down - - -UCLA goes down, TAKE NOTICE Jayhawks, we need to bring our A game leave no doubt on this game, let them know that THESE GUYS don’t wanna get off the porch and try and run with the BIG BOYS. - -Hit them and hit them right square in the mouth right off the bat, tell them STAY ON THE PORCH cause the big boys runnin - -Don’t like these early upsets - -gotta be focused. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Agree. I think the 1st half was an eye opener, and it was great that a cellar-dweller team like TCU showed this to our players.

    Actually making the adjustment on D was key, and our guys were able to. This will make them tougher.

    That albino PG for TCU could be a Mason/Sherron type in yrs to come, or maybe more of a VanVleet type. Mason was in a class by himself in this game, as was Lucas.

  • I think TCU will be in the Tournament this year.

  • @ralster Fisher. Played AAU ball with Vick, I think.

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