Excellent Analysis About KU- First Half Grade

  • Rarely does CBS Sports write an article about a team that is actually insightful, and like…really good. This one is really good. It’s gives an analysis that is right on the mark. Check it out 👍


  • @KUSTEVE I would’ve liked to see more about Svi’s breakout, and how Vick gives us a great scoring element off the bench. All in all, not too shabby…


    Interesting. The part I don’t necessarily agree is that they are 'prohibitive favorites" to win the conference. Perhaps that was true before the season started but we can see now that the conference is still the best from top top bottom and winning the Conference is not going to be easy; every team in the conference, with the exception of Texas has improved, some quite a bit. Perhaps slight favorites would be a better description.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I’m more bullish on this team. We win the B12 conference by a minimum 3 games, imo.


    I am not so sure it will be easy. I can see potential losses at Baylor, West Virginia, maybe OSU where KU seems to have trouble winning and they have a much improved team that just dismantled a good Wichita State team…on the road, and perhaps another game when the players don’t come ready to play as it has happened in the past, although this team appears to be less susceptible to a breakdown as shown against Davidson.


    I think we may be in the driver’s seat for another repeat in conference play… but there are no guarantees. The main reason I give us an edge is because of the known difficulty for other conference teams to win in AFH.

    I have watched very little footage of the other teams in our conference so far… but if I am guessing, I put WVU as a major threat. This would seem to be the year that our guys might be able to go to Morgantown and win one (or at least not get embarrassed)… we shall see. I’m not holding my breath but I think Frank and Devonte are sick of looking bad in that game. I circled this game for many reasons including being the real test for us in preparation for March. If we can handle WVU away, we should be able to handle anyone.

    Baylor could be a challenge, too, but I see a stronger likelihood that Baylor may be the team that helps KU ice another conference championship by being a spoiler. I still have my doubts that Drew knows how to win the conference.

    I definitely believe that the purple kitties will help us again.

    OU… wow. They look horrible so far but I have a lot of faith in Lon turning those guys around. Doubtful they will do anything this year and doubtful they make the big dance, but they may still surprise a team or two on the right night.

    I know ISU has some good players but I’m not thinking they will be near the threat they were last year. I don’t think they have much of a post except for Burton. Looks like an opponent that might help produce a big night for Doke if he can stay out of foul trouble. Who do they have that can keep him away from the rim?

    I’d like to hear more people chime in on what they think about our league this year… people who have seen many of these teams play.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Our two main competitors run junk defenses that are real tough the first time teams see it, and then much easier the 2nd time around. Baylor and WVU never do as good the 2nd half because now everyone has played them, and teams are a lot more prepared for it. We will slice and dice Baylor on any floor. The road trip to WVU is tough, but not impossible. OSU’s great strength: guard play. Only our guards are better. I don’t think we’re at 80% of how good we’re going to be at the end of the season. This is a record book season.

  • @drgnslayr West Virginia is still very good this year even without Devin Williams and DeShaun Paige. Their lone loss was to Temple - they were down 20+ in the first half came back and nearly one. They have a terrific win at Virginia, though they seem a little overrated after the departures of key players from last year. WVU still plays very good defense that is relentless pressure. They score in the same way and is still good, not great.

    I have watched Baylor a bit and they look like the same old Baylor team. The comeback against Louisville’s defense was impressive but it helps that Louisville labors to score, which is somewhat typical of Pitino’s teams except for his championship team in 2013. If they were down that much to North Carolina or UCLA, there is no way they comeback because those teams can score. Definitely a threat to finish at the top of the conference along with Huggy Bear.

    ISU is really struggling on the offensive end. They rely on jump shots and shot themselves out of a W at home against Cincinnati. Their defense is very solid just like last year but will continue without a low post scorer. The losses of McKay and Niang were big blows to their offense.

    I haven’t watched as many of OSU’s games but they seem to be a jump shooting team. They shot very well against a mediocre WSU team but were stifled by North Carolina’s half court defense, which is why 3 point defense is important despite what some have proposed in the past (wasn’t it Newell that said something about it?). I watched their game vs. Roy and Carolina’s defense was the reason Okie Lite shot around 36% from 3 in that game.

    I am ready to see us get a W at some of these places - Frank is yet to win at Morgantown. Wins at WVU, ISU and OSU nearly guarantee the conference title and a one seed.

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