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  • Here is a fine article about KU BB Offense this season (link below). The evolution in scheme and style of play is not only “adjusting to personnel”, but an evolution in our O coaching - bravo to coach Self and his staff!

    In years past, the formula on O has been stale and predictable: run half-court sets, set up in hi-lo positions with two bigs -one on the base-line and and at the foul line “touching the paint”, playing systematically inside-out, always trying to get a better shot (overpassing especially around the perimeter), shooting the three late in the clock, letting the “team” make the winning play, etc.

    The result on O has often been a clogged lane, especially in conference play and very especially in tourney play. Everybody runs to the ball and to the lane instead of spacing the floor and drive to score or pitch to the open man at the three point line.

    We have unclogged the lane on O, allowed for more dribble-drive and improvisation, we are shooting threes at any time it is open, including early in the shot clock, we at letting play-makers make plays and not always running coach’s “stuff”, etc.

    This evolution in our KU BB O is not just “adjusting to personnel.” This is a more modern, higher performing offensive scheme and philosophy. We have the personnel to do it. But it is a qualitative leap in our O coaching approach and it is here to stay.

    Rock Chalk!


  • @jayhawk-007

    Nice read.

    I believe Bill changed his overall perspective just a few years ago. Before then, it was all about defense for Bill. His breaking point was the “fool’s gold” period where he forced his team to go inside for points versus bombing the trey with shooters like BG.

    In perspective, I think there was more to the “fool’s gold” story than any of us understood at that time. Part of the fool’s gold was that Bill didn’t focus enough on running an offense and he didn’t invest in scoring from the trey line. Just having good spot up shooters like BG wasn’t enough. Hence, the “fool’s gold” mentality. It was bound for failure. And put that with Bill not laying the groundwork for years to instruct his team that creating easy offense shouldn’t change the hard work attitude on defense.

    Bill is still mostly a “system” guy. He knows that he has to work his guys for a long time to get them to actually execute a plan during a game, especially in March.

    Back in the “good ol days” Bill’s focus was on defense, and to have a system offense where he didn’t have to spend more time than necessary working on offense. Back then, Bill was still on board with the “offense wins games, defense wins championships” mentality. That philosophy has now converted to a hybrid (just like our offense is a hybrid now)… “good balance wins championships” is Bill’s new mantra.

    I am very impressed with Bill’s current direction. He has gone from being a totally rigid “system” guy to becoming a flexible hybrid guy. We are just starting to see what our current team can do (on both sides of the ball).

    Matt was correct in focusing on how we have opened up the middle by sticking 4 players on the perimeter, and then Bill’s insistence that we drive the ball. In some ways, we are still running the hi/lo… but instead of facilitating it through the pass we facilitate it through the drive.

  • Anyone else notice how we are improving our abilities to set picks? Wow… i’ve been loving all our pick and rolls with our big guys, especially young Doke. Now I’m waiting for Carlton to start “pickin’ and poppin’.”

    That isn’t an accident. We are spending more team practice time developing offense than in past years.

    Bill’s perspective is about balance now… not old school BAD BALL! Sure… he still wants us to have some grind games if for no other reason than to check the toughness of his team, but producing grind games is not his goal now.

  • @drgnslayr Following your line, perhaps when coach referred to fools gold he was really telling us what he thought of Green. He liked the 3 ball, just thought BG was an idiot! He did run him off and he is very coy.

    Bottom line. Looks like old Bill has been hitting the film room hard and it is paying some major dividends. Getting JJ just as the floor opened up is also impeccable timing., no?

  • @Fightsongwriter

    BG didn’t seem to realize that he could impact his team as much by giving up on a defensive play (in a negative way) as he could impact his team by hitting a trey (in a positive way).

    He just didn’t value defense enough. That mentality will never play well for Bill Self.

  • As I recall Bill claims to use the bulk of all practices on offense. That’s why you always hear him say we’ve practiced zone all of 10 minutes this year… I think the increased offensive production has less to do with practice time and more to do with the four guard lineup and Josh Jackson in place of Wayne Selden. Selden would disappear in 1/2 the games. Josh’s presence is always felt. Josh is making the most of the 40 potiental college games he can play.

    The Graham/Mason chemistry is off the charts and Josh has meshed seemlessly. If Vick can play to his potiental more often and a big man emerges the Jayhawks will be unstoppable.

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