What would you give Bill Self for Christmas?

  • Have at it experts. Gifts for tomorrow, gifts for the league season, gifts for March and April and gifts for the future.

    I’d give him a bottle of March Magic.

    I’d put a rejuvenated Landen Lucas in his stocking for league play.

    I’d give him a FT trainer that he could loan to several of his frequent shooters.

  • A TRob for this team.

  • Gift-wrapped for HCBS: The email addresses of those posters whose absence from the boards this year has resulted in Bill’s inability to heed the usual massive amounts of second guessing and expert advice.

  • I’d like to add a can of kick a$$ for when we play Kentucky

  • @wissox i second that notion. But i’d also trade that can for a can in the championship game on whatever unlucky victim we face.

  • Some one as good as Holly to interview him.

    Oh, heck, I’d just get Holly.

  • @BShark or for me!😉

  • 14 straight and b2b NC’s. Oh, and for his stocking stuffer a top 10 stat sheet stuffer point guard.

  • A membership to Genesis.

  • Not one… Not two… Fiiiiiiiive Gooooldeeeennnnn Riiiiiings!

    Also, an adopted son who is a freshman at KU.

  • @approxinfinity perfect, need a lil Crimson in the ring

  • I would give Coach Self a weather day like we’re having here in sunny Florida- 82 degrees high temp, with a low tonight around 65.

  • Does he still have this tie?


  • @Crimsonorblue22 Lil Crimson tryin’ to get a ring, are ya?

  • @KUSTEVE I want that too, ole smart guy😭! You do know what it’s like here? 💨❄️🌬

  • @Crimsonorblue22 LOL…3 degrees??? Hey, I’ve been there…I remember trudging up Mount Oread in the snow back in the day.

  • @KUSTEVE It’s warm here in Louisiana too. Going down from 80 to 30’s tomorrow.

  • @wissox ouch …stay warm, my friend.

  • @KUSTEVE Just now hit 32deg w/light mist …single digits tonight. Fridge & freezer stocked by the 3 day rule. Adult beverage inventory maintained & developed as per 6 P rule !! And @brooksmd-that would definitely be the military version & NOT the IT description,

  • @globaljaybird so does that provide for company?

  • @KUSTEVE what about me? 30 is nothing!😉

  • @Crimsonorblue22 You betcha if they don’t mind Gatorade, Spam & beans …

  • @globaljaybird no spam orGatorade, love beans, but do you want company that just eats beans?💨💨💨

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Rascal won’t mind but I’ll need some space …:dizzy_face:

  • @wissox I’d give him a team that could play 40 minutes of lock-down D like they did late in the game last night against Davidson, +50% from 3 and +95% ft. But that’s pretty near impossible so I’ll just settle for winning the last game of the season.

  • @wissox Ditto the March Magic bottle!

    Id give him a clone of Embiid.

  • @nuleafjhawk Genesis… Phil Collins! a Genesis Christmas album

  • I was thinking I’d like to give myself to Bill for Christmas. My wife is OK with this. I’d be available for whatever he needed, marital advice, spiritual advice, game advice, family advice, player advice, gardening tips. I’d only require a seat nearby him in the arena/fieldhouse that they’re playing in, first class tickets to and fro, since, you know, I do have to keep my job here, but so Bill, if you’re reading this, and we know you are, I’m giving myself to you. Your friend, Steve

  • I’d like to give BIll a room at my house to give when he comes to scout/offer Javonte Smart, a top rated junior who plays just down the road from me. Always wanted to sit down with the coach and shoot the breeze, so Bill, come on by, there’s no good motels in the area anyways, they’re all really sketchy. Steve

  • I’ll keep it simple, nets from Phoenix in early April.

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