Carlton... Is That You?

  • Carlton… Is That You?


    Read some negative comments on various sites from KU fans blasting Carlton.

    Disturbing to say the least. Carlton has been thrown under the bus, I hope he can hide under there until this is resolved after he gets to defend himself.

    There used to be a valid statement “innocent until proven guilty”… but that appears irrelevant today with public opinion.

    I just want Carlton to know that there are many of us who haven’t convicted him yet and believe he is innocent until proven guilty.

  • @drgnslayr Agree, That is along the same train of thought my brother and I had early when the story first broke. People were already making comments, oh he should never be allowed to step on the floor again at Ku, he should be kicked off the team and yada, yada , yada. I was like WOAAA, hit the brakes a minute, let’s not be the judge, jury, and covictioner all in one before we have ALL the facts

    Now this morning, more facts coming out, I’ll admit it doesn’t look good for Carlton, still seems hard to believe, just a very likeable kid - -BUT could be you know got caught up in the wrong situation at the wrong time. - I mean I wasn’t there I DON’T KNOW. just going of hear say like everyone else. If indeed they were at some party, and IF indeed as is being said, his girlfriend was trying to break off the relationship and they got in an argument IF he/they had been drinking - - -we ALL know that is a no win situation. One -Two in the morning - - not good.

    But like you say, there is a process and yes he is innocent until proven guilty, and people need to let the system work. I mean we have all made mistakes, bad decisions - -Bragg is still a young man, possibly made a very bad decision - - IF he did , then he has to account for his actions, but we don’t know that yet for sure. Again I’m by far not condoning what he done, but let it work itself out is all I’m saying to some people, In the end run it will all come out, one way or the other.

    I certainly haven’t convicted him yet, others need not to either. If and When things are finished - - IF he is proven guilty, then yes he has to stand up and take his decisions he made like a man, and I truly believe he will. -I think Bill has done about all he can right now and that is suspending him indefinitely until it’s settled. If he is guilty? - - I really dunno, part of me - -a lot of me THEN AGREES, he should probably be let go, as he is representing the University of Kansas, if anything less - -what does that say to women? what does that say about the University? what does that say about Coach? - -BUT let’s just wait and see

    Carlton - -I’m still with you guy, I think your a great kid - -did you possibly make a huge mistake? - - Maybe - -let’s hope not, wishing you and praying for you Carlton nothing but the best - -you STILL have one fan here, nothing but the best - we are all hoping for the best - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @drgnslayr went back and watched the last game. It is apparent that he is very hard on himself right now. Tremendous pressure. It is possible that something had to give. Not saying that he did hit his girlfriend, or that hitting your girlfriend is right. It’s not inexplicable, It is indefensible.

    I don’t think anyone wants Carlton to be guilty. But the waiting game is hard, and I think there is a Machiavellian tendency on message boards to play out consequences before a verdict. Let’s talk about the other path… If he’s innocent, he still needs to get his head straight. The Bill Self toughening box can feel pretty lonely but he needs to want to be there, on the hardwood, even when in the doghouse. If he’s gonna take his work home with him he needs to be at peace with it.

  • Another thread references a KC Star story that the alleged victim is now in jail on suspicion of battery: not charged as of now.

    Hypothetically speaking, if both parties used force of some sort - and depending on who “started it” - it could be complicated to adjudge blame.

    In addition to all the other negatives, this could be a mess to figure out.

  • Each of these players are like an adopted family to the people in AFH and around the world and we wish the best for them everyday. The difficult part for me with Carlton is that he is the last person I would suspect of something like this. Yet, even if any of this can be substantiated, I’ll be very sad. I didn’t know Giles, but the police report and the knives involved made me feel bad for KU and angry at him. I, like a lot of us on this board have been rooting for Carlton, even as most of us thought that he was not an immediate replacement for Perry. His smile started to disappear as his game never really put him in the starting lineup. He was starting to improve and get more playing time, but his smile disappeared. Recently, we had to sit through some rough times with Brannen and Jamari, With Green, we had a smart player that was angry when others saw his limitations as only a spot-up shooter, with Jamari, there was a big adjustment from the streets of Chicago to Mount Oread. Once a Jayhawk, Always a Jayhawk. I’m sure attorney’s and image professionals are at work, but Bill Self, who is a Father and a Coach will make his decision and we will live with it.

  • @drgnslayr I am one of those who has no judgement of Carlton.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions BUT, if someone thinks Coach should just boot him from the team right now? Umm sorry, your wrong.

    Carlton is a kid. Yeah, he is 20, technically an adult. But he’s still a kid who made a mistake getting himself into a situation like that.

    Are we supposed to expect that any of the players are supposed to be less fallible than We are? NO!

    How can we point the finger and lay blame and demand the harshest punishment for something without giving Carlton a second chance. Huh!?

    NO, he deserves his day in court and what ever the outcome, he deserves a second chance to learn from this and be a better Man for it.

    Oh yah, it isnt the first time one of our players has been in trouble as WRW mentioned above and it certainly wont be the last time.

  • @Lulufulu Well said.

  • I believe this board has been exemplary commenting in reference to Bragg. Most if not all of us have really refrained from passing judgment until all the facts are known. Not every forum can say the same…it speaks volumes about the quality of our posters.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Perhaps a very heavy burden for Carlton, the talk about his needing to step up his game to replace Perry. Whatever the outcome of his current dilemma, Carlton no longer will carry a portion of that load. Henceforth, he is his own man, entering a new threshold. Lotsa eyes and ears focused and attuned to the public image and future performances of the new Carlton.

  • @REHawk sad thing, his teammates and coaches are probably the only family he has to lean on right now. Mom might not have the money to get here. Very sad for the kid!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    True… maybe this is that magic moment for Carlton to step into manhood.

    Might be one of those times when he realizes… “I thought I was on the right track, but then the right track exposed itself and I realized I wasn’t on it.”

    He’s a good, quality guy. He is going to bounce back big! He is up to this Pepsi challenge…

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