• Allen Fieldhouse

    #Best Home Court in Basketball: Allen Fieldhouse 🙂 #

    ESPN’s Seth Greenberg talks about some of the best college basketball arenas in the country.

    For this thread, there’s not much to be said… So let’s share either your fondest memory or post a favorite picture that you love from the fieldhouse.

  • My fondest memory was the last Missouri game there. I bought new blue adidas socks to wear, just like the players . Being 19 points down, my son made me take them off at half time, it worked! What a fun experience to be part of that! Never saw Self so happy!

  • Being at EVERY home game during the 75-76 season. Suttle, Morningstar, Gibson, Von Moore, Greenlee to name a few, I am a '73 graduate of Leavenworth High School (where Simien came from) and my senior year dated then junior, Clint Johnson, who played on the 75-77 teams. They went 19-8 overall, 11-3 in conference and 1st in Big 8 with Coach Ted Owens.

    In the NCAA, they lost 77-71 in the Midwest first round to Notre Dame.

  • I wonder why 5,6,7 are relatively empty? That never happens. Edit: OH, cause it’s a blowout 🙂

  • @Blown I can replace the photo if you can suggest a better one.

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