UMM don't look now

  • you know we can take all our jabs At Drew BUT - - -don’t look now - -but BAYLOR is the real deal. 3 wins vs the top 10 - -like they said that’s the most in the nation - -better pay attention, say what you want, they gonna be a load

    Now on to important things think Bragg and Lucas both look A LITTLE - -let me say again A LITTLE BETTER, I think Bragg is showing some signs of coming out, The only thing I can really see is we are having trouble with quality big men – Travis he his way against our bigs - -the dude from Georgia the same way - - OK on to the next game boys - -let’s go - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • We can let a quality big have 30 points and it doesn’t even matter. If a guard has 30 against us its different.

  • I reference my post on the championship thread

  • @jayballer54 I’ll give credit to Scott Drew as he as earned so far this year. Our bigs will continue to improve solid numbers bye Bragg and LL today, and with doka being so young he will be improved before we see Baylor for sure. It was nice to see the B12 get some big wins today.

  • @jayballer54 Agreed. Kenpom has us splitting our two games with Baylor right now.

    But, its early, and Drew likes to choke down the stretch. Its gonna take a whooooole lot of big boy manly coaching for Drew to beat Self.

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  • I have probably been as rough as any poster when it comes to addressing the name Scott Drew. But after the past three weeks I have to admit that the guy has done one whale of a job this season…to date. Gonna be a mighty hard row to hoe for our program down in Waco this season. And Huggy nailed down a huge win vs. top ten Virginia today, so the Mountaineers look to be on the upswing.

  • Red.Rooster, it is very cheery and gratifying, having you back in the fold. Some days my posts find no upvotes whatsoever; then BOOM!, your moniker appears. Here’s hoping your wife is finding some relief, and that her and your days are less stressful.

  • @REHawk Thank you for your comments! Appreciate your kindness. As for my wife’s situation … nothing has changed! We have been to the Emergency Room, to Dermatologists, Neurologists, our Family Doctor, etc.,. I am continuing to spend big bucks on across the counter medicine, creams, oils, salves, etc.,. to no avail. “Bless her heart” she is much tougher now and is putting up with it without “all the crying out with pain.” We still have NOT found an answer yet. I’m doing laundry every couple days, washing bed sheets and covers that have a lot of blood on them due to her numerous wounds that she scratch’s the scabs off of them. We both are dealing with it as best we can. I do think that the number of open wounds have decreased from 400 - 500 to 300 -400 which is a little progress. Thanks again for you thoughts, concerns and prayers. Your KU Buckets friend. The Red Rooster !!

  • Earlier this year


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  • @Red.Rooster This might be out of left field, but do you have a co2 detector in the house? Saw a program the other day where exposure to carbon monoxide in the house caused a man’s legs to ooze, and scratch incessantly. They bled,etc. Probably different circumstances in your case, but the symptoms you listed seemed somewhat similar. Turns out they had a leak in their heating system.

  • @Red.Rooster I wish we lived close enough to help you out! Are we? Do you have family or church family to help? God bless you!

  • @KUSTEVE good find!

  • @KUSTEVE I have had Anthony Plumbing and Heating out just last week to do our annual Furnace Check. They found no problems with the furnace, i.e. no carbon dioxide leakage going on !! Thanks for your suggestion. Bless You my brother !!

  • @Red.Rooster are you in ks?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 … Nearest family is In Colorado. I live in South Overland Park, KS. I do get a little help but I feel I can handle the load and therefore NOT asking for any either. As my Father would say … “Play the Cards that was Dealt to You!!”

  • @Red.Rooster

    I believe @KUSTEVE might be onto something. There is a condition called sick building syndrome that involves conditions at a location that affect certain people, sometimes very severely; some of the symptoms include severe itching that can result in painful wounds. One way to check for the condition would be to stay somewhere else for a few days and see if there is an improvement. If her condition improves then you can look for environmental conditions at home, such as mold, that are known to have similar effects in some people while not affecting others.

    Someone very dear to me suffers from fibromyalgia with some similar symptoms and I know how painful it is for her and how extremely frustrating not being able to help.

  • @JayHawkFanToo … Thank You! My wife does have “fibromyalgia” !! Staying somewhere else is a great idea … I have to think about that one for a while.

  • @Red.Rooster I’ll chip in!

  • @Red.Rooster Oh, my! As I often tell patient’s–> I had to do this with my own wife’s unsolved neuropathic condition: “Someone, somewhere has seen this condition…” Which is why people end up at Mayo Clinic or some other epi-center, like MD Anderson in Houston. I took my wife to Houston, where she had a 6.5hr surgery after 16yrs of pain, which basically took over her life 3 yrs ago. 4 surgeries, no improvement. Everybody in Wichita shot their wad. I had to research myself, call the supersubspecialist in Houston, and make our own appt.

    KS and the midwest is sparsely populated. There is a saying in medicine: See one, do one, teach one. (Although literally you hope to “see” dozens or hundreds before you do or teach.) But if folks around here just havent seen something, got to move on to the next level. Call Mayo Dermatology or Immunology (for skin conditions), at least that is a generic ballpark start. Ive heard they are very comprehensive at Mayo. My thoughts and prayers for you & wife! RCJH

  • @ralster is she ok now?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thnx for asking, she is about 30-40% better at the 3mos mark. Just flew to Houston for 3mos followup appt last week, and the biggest nerve healing happens from 3-6mos–which is yet to come. I’m hoping like crazy she is back to her “fancy mom”/shopping/tennis-playing self in a few more months. We’d get our life back. She’s gone thru depression and some other medical issues concomitantly. Nothing has been easy.

    I hope Red Rooster’s wife gets a timely diagnosis and cure.

  • @Red.Rooster I wish you the best in your search for a cure to your wife’s ailment!

    My boy has a severe peanut allergy (life threatening - holy crap it’s scary). Because of his allergy he is sensitive to many things. We make our own laundry detergent, watch all ingredients of food, and make our own sun screen. His skin is too sensitive for over the counter stuff.

    What @KUSTEVE suggested is a great idea. Get out of the house for more than 3 consecutive days to see if there’s a trigger at home. This would be the best way to eliminate your house and many things associated with it. However, you will be bringing things from home - clothes, toiletries, etc. If things don’t clear up then they must be eliminated too. As well as bringing in new possible triggers- hotel’s detergent, ventilation, etc.

    One other thing, I had a friend who was “allergic” to the sun and sunlight exposure would leave him with itchy skin, but not under his clothes. - Doesn’t sound like your wifes issue, but I though I’d throw it out there.

    I have a couple of family members with MS, that would be my fear. Usually it feels like you are on fire as the coating covering the nerves breaks down. There are medicines to help mitigate the disease.

    I hope you find a good outcome to your wife’s ailment. Don’t be afraid to lean on others in your time of need. It is just as helpful for them to allow them to help as it is to you.

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