So...we are not last?

  • Apparently Baylor is last in the latest conference football power rankings…I am not sure I agree with it but I will take it.


  • Let me use the phrase “keep sawing wood” for Beaty, Bowen, and the KU coaching staff. I found it very gratifying that Mark Mangino tweeted a strong positive comment about the Jayhawks, right after KU beat TX. Nice to know he was watching and supporting the current efforts. After all, both Beaty and Bowen spent time under his watch at KU.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Maybe the ranking is weighted negatively for corruption?

  • @ralster

    Gee, I wonder if we are being prepared for Mange to come back as the offensive coordinator next year.


  • @jaybate-1.0 …or maybe Todd Reesing (just joking). But his forte was the busted play and field vision to make something happen, dont know it he could teach those intangibles, and nor has he been involved with coaching. He is in finance and investing working for Booth, I believe.

    Knowing the KU culture administratively, I doubt Mangino comes back. The character things that were said about him, and which he indeed may have displayed, arent changeable things either.

    As @Texas-Hawk-10 pointed out in his outstanding season summary thread: we were literally a handful of plays away from being a 4 win team (ISU and TCU). Play calling isnt bad. Since the whole offense is Beaty’s vision, I dont have a problem with him calling them, and Rob Likens isnt a “bad” OC. But Beaty is on a learning curve, as also are our QBs. The O is a work in progress.

    Im not a Mangino lover or hater. I just dont think the way he left, and that whole milieu would allow him to come back to KU.

  • @ralster Yes I saw his tweet, I honestly think MM loved his time here and wishes things had gone differently the last few years. Offer him a job as OC!! lol, but you are correct I don’t believe we will see him return to coaching anytime soon let alonr at KU.

  • In my not so humble opinion, Baylor deserves this collapse of their football program. I just read that since 2011, a self reported Baylor-led investigation disclosed allegations by 17 women of domestic abuse, sexual assaults, rape and gang rape by Bears football players. Just imagine, if you will, how many more, by general statistical trend, went unreported. Now they carry a champion wide receiver named Zamora who was slapped on the wrist with a 3 game suspension for beating his cowering dog with a belt. The face of their sports program grows uglier by each season. Yet, the Nike Corporation and tv sports announcers seem to adore them. I can’t believe that the powers what be in this conference have not sent them packing. Perhaps because no likely replacement program can stack up with a cleaner record? Am keeping hopes alive that Bill Self’s operations can keep a tight rein, avoid such deep rooted ugliness. Tough chore for a coaching staff, I know, especially a football program with so many players to oversee and so many possible recruits to evaluate. Especially now that we have a prominent and still popular former U.S. President and a current President-Elect adding their two bits to national leadership by shady example.

  • @REHawk I’d be all for dropping Baylor and adding Houston.

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