The answer to the post problem = FLOPPING

  • Been watching a few games this week and seeing how officials are calling the game outside of KU games. What I’m seeing is the ref’s continuing to ruin the game, but that’s besides the point.

    Our post bigs have had a lot of trouble defending without fouling or staying out of foul trouble overall.

    The Answer = FLOP. Self get in practice and teach flopping, get in the film room and get all the Duke highlights & Marcus Smart film you can find. Defenders don’t even have to play defense, if you step in a guys lane, don’t do anything and fall down you get the call.

    Sounds horrible right? But this is how the game is being called. So Bill get those guys practicing falling, you might save your post players 4-5 fouls a game! Happy Friday all

  • Are you trying to bring up our Turkey day feast? Please Bill, no.

    1. Lucas 21pts, 20 fouls

    2. Bragg 44pts, 16 fouls

    3. Doke 10pts, 14 fouls

    4. Coleby, 2 pts, 5 fouls

    5. Lightfoot 2pts 1 foul

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