Better Bragg = Better Lucas

  • It shouldn’t be this way, but I bet when Bragg gets better, Lucas will also get better. Then Lucas can clean up Bragg’s junk just like he cleaned up The Designer’s last year.

    Either way, Bragg needs to step it up. No reason for a guy with his size, speed, and athleticism to perform this poorly. I don’t expect him to finish as well as Perry at this point, but he ought to at least step it up on rebounding and defense with his strength and length. He needs to work on a running hook too. If he’s gonna be a finesse guy, he needs develop some moves and take advantage of his touch.

  • You may be onto something. Lucas seems like a guy especially motivated by fighting for or earning a spot. As long as KU’s post players are equally unproductive, he’s not feeling any heat. Bragg could light his competitive fire, as could Udoka by midseason. Gotta say, it is baffling that he’s come out so flat when he’d all but locked up a starting spot.

  • Yeah, I never even thought of the motivation factor. I hope that’s not the case, would be a sad state of affairs for Lucas if it is.

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