207-9; 12 Straight Big 12 Titles

  • Before we start focusing on the basketball week ahead (3 more games-6 games in 2 weeks; who made this schedule?) or posting more about recent and possible future recruits, it’s important to stop and appreciate what we have at KU. Bill Self. I remember the let down when Roy Williams finally took the NC job. I worried that our basketball success would drop a couple of notches, but the exact opposite happened. Coach Self raised the already high profile Coach Williams brought to KU to the top tier nationally and made us the team to beat each year. Thank you, thank you Bill Self. RCJH

  • I remember that let down as well. Same feeling as when LB left. I attended “Roystock” and led the charge onto the football field to celebrate. I was front row and listened to Roy say, “Well, I’m staying.” I never thought we could replace Roy, but we’ve traded up. I believe Roy would’ve gotten us two titles eventually, but I expect HCBS to get at least two more in the next 5 years (3 if we were a Nike school).

    I complain too often about the cold/hot weather, lack of beaches and no mountains here in KS, but having this team, coach and winning streak in the upper right corner of the state seems to far outweigh those natural wonders.

  • @YellowBeak Yes, but Kansas far makes up for the lack of traditional natural wonders with a lack of humans. Less of the state is spoiled by overpopulation than most.

    Some would describe my town as peaceful, quiet, calm, no traffic, nice people, and few to no crowds. I would describe it to outsiders as boring, nothing to do or see, and no one to do it with. But that’s because I want city folk to remain in the city…far far away from here!

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