Commentators/ this season

  • Well OL BRENT is out. - -Brent moving on to the SEC re-assigned. -So need to know does anyone know anything about some of these new guys?

    WE will have a man named Bob Wischusen, anyone heard anything about him? - -We have him and good old Fran on Big Mondays. & YES Holly love her thank goodness.

    Others broadcasting BIG 12 Games is: - -Tuesdays - - ESPN/2 - -John Sciambi/Miles Simon - -no problem there. New Announcers: - - Wedn - - - -ESPNU - - Clay Matuick/Tim Welsh - - Help Anybody? More New - - Saturdays: - - ESPN/ ESPN2/ ESPNU - - - Rich Hollenberg, Mark Neely, Mark Plansky , Jason Benett

    Lot of new faces calling games - -Anybody heard anything on any of these people? - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG

  • Good riddance to Brent honestly…

  • No Brent? Season is looking better and better as long as we still get Holly.

  • Bob is very good. Will be much easier to listen to he does a lot of College Basketball games. Also the voice of the NY Jets.

    At least ESPN got it 50% right.

  • If Holly up to the task, physically, would be terrific to see her get more minutes of coverage. The most pleasant person behind a mic.

  • @jayballer54 Yeah, they’re all workin cheaper than the Dickey V’s & the Jay B’s we got used to before theother big boys & ( the 🔥 🐤 ) girls at Fox started eatin away the padding in the coffers their monopoly has enjoyed for the past appx 35 years. If KU didn’t play most of their games on espn , I might never watch it. My interest in espn peaked when Al Bernstein quit calling fights for them in the early to mid 90’s, & has never been the same since. Let em keep the NIT- IMO, ESPN, Disney & ABC all deserve it… & each other.

  • Personally my favorites were Paul Splitorf with Fred White (RIP) doin the Big 12. Also if Ron Franklin had been able to keep either his hands or inappropriate comments away from the ladies might he still be there too - who knows ? Split & Fred were my guys, but that’s prefaced by their Kansas City Royals pedigrees. Absolutely top of the line. IMO none more professional or prepared behind the mic. My most fav FB & BB guy now has gotta be K Harlan hands down. Another guy from the metro that still lives there & is always prepared to the max. Now at espn, even Max K & Stephan A get primetime gigs when they sound & act like they have might have 9th grade educations. Somehow when I listen to big loudmouth guys calling sports, I’m thinkin Chris Schenkel, Curt Gowdy, & Kieth Jackson, are finally admitting to each other that Cosell wasn’t really that bad after all…JMO

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