Who starts at QB Saturday

  • The never ending cycle of terrible QBs continues since the departure of Todd Ressing, with Stanley playing fairly well in last weeks game for Kansas after Cozart left with concussion issues. Who will start? Is Cozart healthy? Does it matter? I personally think Willis still gives us the best shot to win Cozart has continued to struggle and do no better, Willis has less TDs than Cozart but better completion percentage, YPA, QB rating and less turnovers. Then Stanley has the best in every line outside of TDs. I will be disappointed if Cozart runs out on the field, Stanley or Willis im fine with. I think the ship has sailed with Cozart he has started most of the games the last few years and flatout doesnt look any better than he did since day one. I’ve also heard rumors of Willis transfering, which is fine if he cant play here Washburn maybe would happy to have him.

  • I don’t understand how Stanley hasn’t been given a shot yet. Willis gets sacked more possessions than he doesn’t and Cozart is turnover prone. Both of those lead to short drives and your defense being on the field too long.

    Give Stanley a shot, because if he can’t do it either then I guess it is time for Starks to step up to the plate. And if he can’t do anything of note next season, it is time to bring in a new coach. And by anything I mean win a Big 12 game and be competitive in most of them.

  • If Stanley doesn’t work out, let’s try some of the peanut vendors. I’ve seen them make some very nice throws under pressure.

  • @nuleafjhawk PHOF! :joy:

  • @nuleafjhawk I used to be a paper boy and never broke a window!!!

  • David Beaty said he has been impressed with the way Carter Stanley prepared. #kufball

  • @Crimsonorblue22 did you listen to hawk talk?

  • @kjayhawks read it on twitter

  • Appears cozart has concussion symptoms. Maybe read it on kusports

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Ya they said that during the game

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