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    I know some KU fans are like what in the world was that.

    Hey it’s an preseason game against a totally inferior team. Washburn pulled at all the stops to win the game of their lives. Most of their players are from Kansas. This is their dream from time they were old enough to understand the Jayhawks. Of course Washburn was going to bring it.

    I know KU played horrible but understand the final outcome of this game was never in doubt. This was Coach taking advantage of an lesser opponent to run and try some new stuff. Well like this 4 and 1 offense Coach keeps talking about. I read even today that Coach doesn’t appear to be backing away from this 4 and 1 approach. HIs reasoning? Guard play is the strength of this team.

    I keep thinking Coach is just pulling the chain of us KU fans always screaming play to your strengths. Yet then again I’m not so sure. He was quoted today as saying we have stuff we can run in this 4 and 1 that we didn’t show against Washburn and you want see in the next game either. Meaning what Coach?

    Could Coach really discard his high/low for this new 4 and 1 ??? Your guess is as good as mine is.

    All I can say is buckle up buttercups, I think Coach is about to take us for a ride.

  • @DoubleDD

    I would not call Washburn a totally inferior club, Yes, it does not have the players or talent KU has but it is a good, disciplined and well coached team. In fact, t was the perfect team to expose KU’s weaknesses that I am sure Coach Self will fix. KU still has several new pieces that need to be assimilated into the team to develop the proper chemistry; no doubt that Perry’s quiet leadership, basketball IQ and reliability were sorely missed. KU has the pieces but it is not quite there yet but no team with this many new pieces is ever ready this early.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Perry’s absence does not explain lolly gagging down the floor and consistently giving up transition points. Perry’s absence does not affect throwing bad passes. Perry’s absence also does not affect standing around waiting for rebounds - IIRC, Perry was not a good rebounder. We will be fine without him - just need to do the fundamentals before anything else.

    Yes, his efficiency will be missed, but we have a lot of other weapons that can score too - they just need to get their heads in the game.

  • @HawkChamp

    Perry was not a good rebounder.


    Perry was

    #4 rebounder in his freshman year.

    #2 in his sophomore year, Embiid was #1.

    #1 in his Junior Year

    #2 in his Senior year, Lucas was #2.

    #12 KU All-Time rebounding.

    Yep, he really was not a good rebounder.

  • @DoubleDD


    Self probably thought he had a team getting the big head too soon and so he sent them out with out a plan and let them labor, so he could get team psychology trending good, instead of breaking bad.

    At the same time, @JayHawkFanToo is on the money about Perry being a big whole to fill with newbies. If the whole Perry left were so easy to fill with the newbies, especially Bragg, then Bragg would have played a lot more last season. Bragg is going to have growing pains, because out on the court he is a human being, not what his hype says he is. This is NOT criticism of Bragg. He will be very, very good. But its illogical to expect him to step on the floor a fully refined gallon of gas. He’s got to burn of some of the stinky diesel first; then when the distillate is pure gasoline, it will take a few games to get the octane level correct. At that point, Bragg will fuel the engine just fine…until they get enough tape to expose the gaps in his game. That will take another pass through the refinery to get high test with detergent. Then we can run the team on dual four barrel Holleys.

    (Note: I know, I know, this is an archaic metaphor in the age of digital direct fuel injection, but damn I miss the thirsty mothers sucking air and gas down the intake manifold and being sparked by an ignition system I could still actually work on at the side of the road with my tools.)

  • @JayHawkFanToo I should clarify that. He was average to above average. Not bad by any means but not something you would write home about.

  • @jaybate-1.0 that would explain a few things, including why Self did not sound as concerned as I thought he would be in the post game press conference.

  • It was a practice game no need to worry a guy to sleep. Indiana will tell us a lot. @JayHawkFanToo Perry was an okay rebounder he averaged under 7 per game a year ago which isn’t great for a post. In regards to comparing all time its hard to because of the OADs like emiid or guys like Wilt not playing as a Freshman.

  • Landen Lucas was the only above average rebounding big KU had last season. Perry’s rebound rate was well below average, even for a stretch 4.

  • As for the game last night, Self always wants the D2 teams to run specific stuff to challenge his team in specific ways. These guys will be good to go by next Friday in Hawaii.

  • @HawkChamp

    #12 All-Time at KU is nothing to write home about? SMH.

  • @jaybate-1.0 We ran our IMCA Camaro w/800 dual pump Holley on AVGAS…& 1/4 oval abt 18-20 secs. We couldn’t afford the primaries to run alcohol but our competition with better sponsors did. Still a ton -o -fun if you could afford tearing a lot of stuff up & yes w🏆 e found a way.

  • @globaljaybird


  • I wrote this somewhere, but I’m not remembering too many practice games that have gone down in KU lore as all time great games, so you’re right @DoubleDD nothing to see here, move along.

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