Ben Simmons

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    ” Simmons says during a discussion with his family. “Go buy a No. 25 jersey. You’re going to put me on ESPN. You’re going to make hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars off one person. So I’m going off on the NCAA.”

    “hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars off one person”? He sure is full of himself. I do agree that the OAD models is not a good one but Simmons did not have to attend college in the USA or anywhere, he could have gone and play pro ball in Europe or stay in Australia and play there. Playing in the NBA is not a right, it is a privilege you earn by proving you belong. Like any business, the NBA has the right to set whatever conditions it sees fit. The OAD rule is not an NCAA rule, it is a NBA rule. Simmons did not have to play college to play in the NBA, but college gave him the best chance anywhere to prepare himself for the NBA. I am sure the NCAA will be looking at LSU academics and the program might end up paying hefty price for his nondescript stint there. I, for one, am glad he did not come to KU; I just don’t see any scenario where Coach Self would have put up with his BS.

  • The dude who made the documentary for Showtime is the avid Jayhawk fan who brought the rules of basketball to KU and made the 30 for 30 rules episode that we all loved. I met him an LSU game this past season. He saw my Jayhawk hat and struck up a conversation. We had a great time discussing the Jayhawks. And Ben Simmons. I’m waiting to hear my opinion on Ben in the documentary! DSCN1119.JPG

  • By the way, I read the other day 1 school in the SEC has more donations to it’s athletic program than it’s academics, yes, LSU. My son does attend the school, so there is that!

  • Sounds like Emmert read my post…

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