Go, Cubs, Go!

  • I did not know this song before game 6 of the NLCS, but after the game hearing 41,268 spontaneously singing it in unison gave me chills akin to watching AFH footage of the fans at the end of the 2008 NCAAM championship. Was magical.

    Here’s the video of the fans singing it yesterday:

    Check out @BarstoolBigCat’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/BarstoolBigCat/status/790028154479996938?s=09

  • @approxinfinity good one! @wissoxfan83 probably had the big one!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 ha nice. Found vid of it:

  • @approxinfinity cool, the walk up song is on my post too

  • @Crimsonorblue22 ah! Thought that was a vid of “Alive” bc of line after it. I see now.

  • @approxinfinity 👍 I sure hope @brookmd is right about that friggin goat🐐 already smolderin onn da spit.

  • @globaljaybird speaking of sacrifices I appreciated the Cleveland guys’ locker room shrine to Jobu. This series is a great story, refreshingly no need for media fabrication. 68 years since winning it vs 108 years since winning it. Guys built from the farm up vs the misfits. I dont consider Cleveland hired guns like other teams because they were undervalued castoffs. Then you got the long shadow of Boston from yester year. Former GM vs former manager. Both doing fantastic jobs.

    Shaping up to be a good one!

  • @approxinfinity Don’t know if you are old.enough to remember Reggie Jacksons road & ascent to become Mister October, but FS1 had a neat documentary about 👋 him today. Before they became the Oakland As they were the Kansas City As & that’s where his careeer started. After they deserted KC I despised them… Then when he became a Yank, my hatred went to a whole diff plateau. Royals had some incredibly great team from any 75 - 85 but only managed 2 pennants & 1 WS Champ in 10 years thanks in large part to Reggie. Was only proper that Dick Howser was the KC Mgr that won the WS & the one that Steinbrenner cast away. Only owner I ever despised more was Charley Finley. He & that damn misery mule 🐴 (really a jackass) mascot made the A’s into a flippin sideshow till they had some talent then slipped out the back door 🚪 the first opportunity they got.

  • Fox sports, the purported flagship network of MLB hasn’t shown a live baseball game in over a month. We had the preposterous proposition Saturday night of my elderly mother complaining to me she can’t find the Cubs game on TV because Fox thought a college football game between two also-rans (what a classic game though!) was more watchable than a NLCS game in which one of the teams would accomplish something that last occurred in the aftermath of WW2. I had to explain to her how to find FS1 which she finally did, but…

    I loathe Fox and everything they stand for because of the way they treat my favorite sport. I detest the commissioner present and past who didn’t have the kahones to stand up to Fox and ESPN and say give us the best coverage you can. They have failed to make real measures to shorten the games which is one reason why Fox decided to stop televising most games. Selig and Maness, you’re ruining the game. Someone save it!

  • @approxinfinity A game a piece, tied at one - Cubbies can close it out if they got the cahonies it takes… Is that 🐐 really on da rotisserie ?? OK @brooksmd, now we’ll really see if these young Cubbies can show their 🌰 :squirrel: 🐚 IMO but as so goes Zobrist, so go dem Cubs regardless of all their young buck studs. JMO but KC doesn’t win 💩 without him last season-not even a wildcard, & the Cubs need his leadership, faith & bat to kill that evil curse once & for all ,…

  • @globaljaybird did I say I love zobrist? Ha

  • @globaljaybird Is this the same global that was leery of Zo when the Royals acquired him last year? He’s a heck of a ballplayer and definitely one the few you’d want at the plate in key situations. If Hendricks throws the same game he threw to win the NLCS you can put game 3 in the Cubs column. And hearing Schwarber may play so that’s another big factor. Kid has got it done at the plate as the DH and could really use his bat at Wrigley since Hayward isn’t up to the task. Wonder how far that hr he parked on top of the RF scoreboard would’ve traveled if the Bud sign hadn’t stopped it. Monster shot. Cubs enshrined that ball in a glass case right where it stopped. But then they’ll have to contend with Kluber again in game 4. Hopefully Wrigley and the noise will put him off his game just enough. Or maybe the smell of roast goat will distract him.

  • @brooksmd Yep same guy, I’m not so young as to say I haven’t had a little crow in my day.

  • Check this out Johnny


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