Mahomes, Ohio State

  • #2 Ohio state went down in in state college today and is no longer unbeaten, as well as number 11 Houston getting hammered at SMU which doesn’t make OU look good or the fact that Mahomes murdered their defense tonight. OU ended up winning a shootout in Lubbock 66-59 but Mahomes had 734 yards yes 734 passing yards off of 52 completions from 88 attempts all B12 records. I’m not sure but i bet atleast one is a NCAA record. Dude only had 5 tds tho lol.

  • I’m already sweating trying to think of predictions for next week’s game.

  • @nuleafjhawk oh smart one!🤔😅

  • Ya my question is seeing how good Houston really isn’t, how the hell did they shut down OU? My guess is it was a first game fluke. But the record that we let Perine set a few years ago could get broken by Mixon. The OU vs TT game was entertaining as hell tho, I rather watch that then a 10-6 game like Colorado and Stanford. The SEC is actually fun to watch the last few years now that they have offenses a few years ago it was boring as hell I remember a LSU Bama game that was hyped to hell and didn’t even get a touch down in it final was 12-6.

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