DENNIS BYRD Tragically Dies in Head-On Crash.

  • A truly great “Soldier in the Army Of the Lord” passed away yesterday on an Oklahoma highway. His autobiography "Rise and Walk remains one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. And I’ve read it several times & recommended it many times over. I still recall the game he was paralyzed clearly - Jets vs Chiefs & he was eating them alive… His level of play was as of a todays’ JJ Watt & he appeared to have an open path to the NFL HOF squarely ahead. Here is a link to more details of his career, triumph, & sad & untimely death at only age 50.

  • Another not commonly known account of divine inspiration, KSU head FB coach Bill Snyder’s daughter was also paralyzed from an auto accident & told she would not likely ever walk again. If you should ever have opportunity to hear coaches testimony, do not pass it up… It’s amazing from even a doubters perspective.

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