The Stage is Set.....

  • I think Bill Self stays in his office until the wee hours, rubbing his hands together and laughing maniacally, thinking of how much fun it’s going to be watching this group of freakishly gifted “toddlers” finally " get it ".

    I think he LIVES for this stuff:

    Okie St ranked #6, 12-1.

    Baylor ranked #9, 11-1

    Iowa State - #13, undefeated.

    Heck, just to fuel Bill’s “hate fire”, - throw in the fact that Wichita State is ranked #8 and undefeated.

    How can things get any better for us? I wonder if any of the players know that we’ve won nine, yes NINE straight conference championships? I wonder if Coach has let them know that they’re not even going to be the favorite in many of their conference games? I wonder if he’s going to teach them how to “Play Angry”? That worked pretty well for some team last year.

    I am SO ready for conference play to begin. I think we’re going to be seeing the team that we all anticpated before the start of the season.

    Except now they may have a chip on their shoulders.

  • A+ @nuleafjhawk !

    I know Perry and Conner get it… since they are from Kansas. Not really sure what the other guys understand.

    Facts #1 & 2: The State of Kansas is a basketball state! Kansas is a basketball school!

    (I know… I might get some feedback from KSU football and KC Chiefs fans)

  • @drgnslayr respectfully disagree. I think the reason they decided to go here is cause they got it. I think when they played Duke, they got it. Talking the huge following in Chicago, their visits to Allen field house , the KU basketball alumni, Danny Manning and the Miracles, Mario’s shot…

  • I hope you are right, @Crimsonorblue22 .

    I know the other guys get something because they chose Kansas. Just not sure about everything that surrounds Jayhawk basketball… How many of those guys were following Kansas basketball before signing? …and for how long?

    I know they all get how hardcore Kansas fans are… but do they understand where that comes from? I’d ask the same question to the players at Kentucky.

  • @drgnslayr thinking it would be fitting to ask Cole, EJ, TRob, any past players how long it took to “get it”?

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