Expansion news

  • This makes a lot of sense from a TV dollars and sense POV.

    Big TV/Big Gaming/Big Shoe want to keep the odds minimized of a Big 12 team (read CST) going all the way, and of Big 12 teams (read CST) bargaining for too much air time.

    Gotta keep the right and left coasts on top of the content, especially for Big Gaming.

    Letting the Big 12 grow could definitely cut into betting volumes.

    And anything that makes bet balancing more difficult on the coasts is going to get a thumbs down.

  • Not surprising. Dumping the Big 12 paves the way for an easy set up for an 8 team playoff and ESPN and Fox to each make money. The Big 12 TV contract runs through 2025 and the current CFP contract runs through 2027. After those two deals are up, expect to see the CFP expand to 8 teams. Fox already has the rights to the PAC 12 and B10 title games and ESPN has the rights to the SEC and ACC title games so I would expect to see those two networks alternate the title game. Part of this condition is probably ensuring each B12 team lands in one of the other major conferences as well. KU, KSU, and ISU probably in the B10, WVU to the ACC, Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, and TCU to the PAC 12, and OU, and OSU to the SEC. Maybe not that specific breakdown, but probably not far off either because ESPN and Fox probably tell the other major conferences who they will take in exchange for finishing off the B12 for good.

    Expect to see the B10 and PAC 12 conference title games on Fox and the winners of those two meet in the semifinals alternating between the Rose and Fiesta Bowls with the losers of those two playing in the other game. That would leave the SEC and ACC title games on ESPN with those winners alternating between the Sugar and Orange Bowls and losers meeting in the other bowl game. Then ESPN and Fox alternate the national title game each year.

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