If Germany Joins Russia/China/India, Will KU Stay with adidas?

  • A tough decision may be looming for KU Basketball.

    Brexit, EU destabilization, Russian natural gas supply, infrastructure unification of Asia, and Elements within Germany appear to be pushing Germany toward the Russia/China/India alliance and a United Eurasia…

    adidas remains headquartered in Germany and its core business is still Europe/Africa/Latin America.

    If growing tensions breakout into USA war with Eurasia, or Cold War containment, should KU stay with adidas, or change shoes?

  • @jaybate-1.0 Thats a question that is well above my head. If I have to guess though, Im going with KU getting back into the Nike Shoe monopoly. US Nike. US Money. Better top OAD recruiting dump trucks. the list goes on. Especially if/when KU goes to the Big10 if/when the Big 12 dissolves

  • @jaybate-1.0 Dear Leader always makes all of our decisions -it’s much easier that way. Dear Leader will decide the right course of action for our country, and schools to take…oh wait a second…I was thinking about 10 years from now…I’m sorry…

  • nikeflag.jpg

  • My favorite shirt is a Kansas nike t-shirt. It has about 20 holes in it, and has been demoted to work out shirt, but it still hangs on in the rotation… maybe just long enough to see it get replaced by another Kansas nike shirt.

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