Mizzou, never stops

  • @Crimsonorblue22 OH hey! Trump would approve of this!

    Sorry, couldnt resist.

    Where’s the Shaking my damm head Emoji?

  • @Lulufulu He’d probably have to get in line behind ol’ Billy Clinton with Hillary there to call them all tramps for seducing Billy Boy.

  • @brooksmd yeah yeah, tit for tat

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Thx for posting.

    Sickening but necessary.

    If these allegations prove true, I hope those responsible get a day in court and fitting jail time. I hate persons giving other persons drugs without informed consent.

    Further, it appears bitterly ironic that a fraternity allegedly shouting racial slurs from its windows is apparently copy-catting African-American Bill Cosby’s alleged drugging women without their knowledge and copulating with them?

    What were these apparently depraved dolts at DU thinking?

    Without putting too fine point on it, in today’s America, you can’t expose US citizens to harmful, mind altering substances without their informed consent, and violate their legal rights, and get away with it, unless you are the US government, corporations, or deep pocket celebrities/power brokers with effective lawyers.

    Racism, sexism, sadism, national security-ism, imperialism and cultural engineering-ism never quit twisting some of us.

    All these -isms make one group, or individual, or organization, think it has the right to suspend kindness, decency and rule of law at whim and mistreat and violate fellow human beings based on moral, or immoral agenda, rather than respecting the law, due process, and human rights.

    Freedom…but don’t tread on me.

    It’s so simple.

    Maybe DU needs to frame it and hang it on their wall.

    Racists, sexists, sadists, national securityists, imperialists, and cultural engineerists need to get it through their thick, heads…don’t tread on us.

    If it were my daughter, they would never be done with me till the law were applied.

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