Some Suggested Player Nicknames to Distract Us from the Election...

  • In no particular order…and you have to figure out the often obscure connections…

    Lagerald: La Gerrie, La Geraldo, Vicks Vaporub, Monofilament

    Svi: The Ukrainian Devil, The Consummate Consonant, the Caspian Kid

    Landen: Reckless Abandon Landen, Lucas Flamethrower, the Shanghai Sailor, The Oregon Trailer

    Bragg: From Braggs to Riches, The Doorman, Special Forces, Just Fact

    Devonte: Are we men? No! We are DEVO-nte!, Cinnamon, ABell,

    Frank: Little Bridges, Point Rebounder, The Line

    Josh: The Next Dr. J, Thriller, Escape Velocity

    Coleby: Hundred Ton Dump Truck, Operation Phoenix in the Paint, Director Bill

    Azubuike: AzuNUKEY, The African Earthquake,

    If I forgot someone, feel free to lend help.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Lagerald = “Vapor”

  • As soon as we got him I liked Udunka for Udoka Azubuike.

    The Crimean 3 for Svi


  • @jaybate-1.0 Nice Rhoda reference, not many will get that one.

    How about Braggnet?

    Frank. The Jar - he seals the victory!

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