At this point, is rankings worth anything?

  • Well guys, this week has been brutal. # 1,3,4,8,9 have all lost, so question do we as fans put to much emphasis- - importance this time of year on National rankings? I mean there nice, gives you some bragging rights, for the fans at least BUT other then strutting your stuff, again the fans, at this point and time of the year how does it benefit our TEAM? how is being ranked nu 1 right n ow helping us? Actually it very easily could be a negative for the team, look at it this way, it just gives your opponent that much ore motivation to whup you/us. I mean conference foes already want to beat the evil empire that’s won 11 straight conference championships, they want to beat us for no other reason then we have Kansas written across our uniforms, they want to beat us because many think we are cocky, aggorant, and overrated, and think we always get calls our way. Add being ranked nu 1 in the middle of the year, and it adds up to ALOT of pressure, so we best be brining it every single game. Again being nu 1 at this point in all reality means nothing, only to the fans, does not help our team what so ever It’s being #1 in the end that matters more then anything. holler guys let me know what you think. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I think rankings at this juncture only give us an idea of who appears to be the top 8-10 teams, and who the following 10-20 who you need to really watch out for. Other than that, not too much. It’s more important to get a high ranking at the end of the season for NCAA seeding IMHO. As Jayhawks, we’ll ALWAYS have a target on our back no matter our ranking.

  • Being nu 1 is important all the time, anytime. I’ve been wearing my big blue nu 1 finger to work all week. It’s been hard to type and get anything done, but all the Kstate, MU, ISU and WSU fanboys know what I’m getting at. We’re numero uno. nu 1. They can talk smack about Northern Iowa, Stanford, UTEP and whatever, but they’re just jealous because they are not, and never will be, nu 1. When you’re nu 1, you can laugh and be aggorant and poke them in the face with the big foam finger.

  • @hawkmoon2020 - As a Jayhawk, I feel disappointed and embarrassed when we were played down by #11. I would rather we stayed at top-10. Guys appear to play harder when they’re playing higher ranked teams (not in WVU case, though).

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