Misery setting aside wins?

  • They have wins to set aside?

    **Missouri officials announced on Wednesday that a 19-month investigation into its men’s basketball program has uncovered multiple rules violations, including donors providing impermissible benefits to players and at least one prospect.

    The violations occurred under former coach Frank Haith, who is now the coach at Tulsa.

    Neither current coach Kim Anderson nor anybody on his staff were involved.

    Missouri has vacated all wins from the 2013-14 season and will lose one of its men’s basketball scholarship in 2015-16 and another no later than the 2017-18 season. Beyond that, the Tigers are banned from this postseason, meaning they will not compete in the SEC Tournament or any other postseason competition sanctioned by the NCAA.

    One donor, who committed Level I violations, has been permanently disassociated.

    Another donor, who committed Level II violations, has been disassociated for two years.

    “We will win at Mizzou and do so with integrity and class,” said Missouri AD Mack Rhoades. “I am satisfied the University fully cooperated with the NCAA and will continue to do so. We must do better and we will. Our working relationship with the current men’s basketball staff is strong, and I am confident in their commitment to upholding our standards.”

    This is the second time a program run by Haith has encountered NCAA issues.

    The 2012 AP National Coach of the Year served a five-game ban to open the 2013-14 season while at Missouri because of violations that happened on his watch at Miami, where he coached from 2004 to 2011. CBS Sports’ attempt to reach Haith for comment Wednesday afternoon was not immediately successful.

    You can read Missouri’s full report here.

    “We are obviously very disappointed that the actions of a few individuals have put our program in this situation,” Anderson said. “However, I am appreciative to Mack Rhoades and our staff for their guidance and support throughout this process. I hurt for our kids more than anything and for our only senior, Ryan Rosburg, in particular. But I am confident we will overcome this and be stronger as a team and as a staff because of it. We are committed to representing this great university and state with honor and integrity.”

    Missouri college basketball NCAA violations (USATSI) Missouri basketball will be kept out of the postseason for over a year. (USATSI)**

  • @KUSTEVE 😱 I read he signed at Tulsa, 4 days after mizzou got the letter.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Does he think the folks in Tulsa won’t find out?

  • @KUSTEVE I don’t even follow them since Danny and ku crew left. I’d get rid of him!

  • So, they forfeit what…a few games per year and they are banned from conference tournament where they will get spanked and the NCAA that they have no chance of going anyway? Why even bother? Missouri has been irrelevant in basketball since it left the conference…and to think they passed on Bill Self? Just for that they deserve everything they have coming… 😃

  • Banned


    I’m not feeling sorry for MU in any way, but it drives me nuts that coaches can wreck havoc on a program and then move on like nothing happened.

    Look how many times slimy Cal has left a program in trouble with the NCAA. I can’t wait tell he leaves UK, because you know the hammer is coming.

  • @DoubleDD I look for Haith to hit the road at some point this year.

  • You guys think Anderson knew about this when accepting job?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Local tvlast night said he was not aware of the investigation when he took the job. He may have taken it anyway as he played there & was a coach with Norm, & was coaching at CSMU Warrensburg or some other small juco or D2 school. His paycheck prob got a hefty bump. And just think, he went from riding Greyhounds to turbo props.

  • @globaljaybird what do you think Tulsa is thinking?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Dunno but if I were in charge I’d be looking for another new BB coach-maybe Kimme Andersen ?

  • @globaljaybird ha! You like him?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Since you asked…it’s misery-hell no ! My wife worked with a his sister in law & though I never met him, she thought they were hot Schizz on the golden platter. Other friends of ours told us he made recruiting trips to KCNorth & said that he & Norm were both crude buttheads. When they made a campus visit to Columbia Norm chauffeured them around campus in a filthy old Chevy Caprice that looked like he’d hauled chickens & hay bales in the back seat. Was so muddy you couldn’t see the tag or the taillights… Plus that was when Norm was on penalty in the early 90’s which occurred during Rick’s recruitment so faithfully he courted them to pay as a walk on for the first year…Yeah right. Lee Hunt gave him a full ride at UMKC & he played with the nephew & Tony Dumas who became a first round pick of the Mavs. He & Ron played HS ball in Memphis in the late 80’s.

  • Meth boosters?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Tulsa knew of his problems in Florida and apparently knew of the problems at MUs as well and they still hired him; they only have themselves to blame. Anderson seems to be decent guy although I am not sure he was ready to take over a major program…if you can call MU that. Amazing how Haith stays one step ahead of the law and seems to land on his feet every time…he must have taken the squid’s on line class… 😃

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