Chicken Little

  • The sky is falling, we lost a game, “Fool’s Gold”, Bad Ball, Stubborn Coach, Conspiracy Theories and Armchair Quarterbacking…

    Take a deep breath and relax. This is a good team, and we will lose again, but not often (my prediction was five loses this year).

    Player development and scheming cannot compensate for getting out hustled. ‘Sx*%t’ Happens. Chill, guys. That is a rough and tumble environment and the refs were letting them play. Very physical game, we got beat. Get over it. Move on. Next game, next play.

    Trust in the team and the coaches - and know this - the competition is very good and also very determined. Our league is great!

    We will be fine. Big 12 Champs (maybe co-champs), number one seed (or two at the worst) , Final Four (or Elite Eight at the worst).

    Our boys are rocking and rolling and our young studs are wide-eyed. The pressure in the game itself and psychologically being #1 I huge.

    Stay the course, support the Jayhawks, trust in the process. And if that does not work, take a pill of the color of your choice…:)

    Plenty of ball to be played. We are in good shape and we are a winning team. The other elite teams are good, and even the bottom feeders are better than usual. We cannot shoot our way to victory after victory. It will be a grind and we will win most of them.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jayhawk-007 I think the reaction, or overreaction if you’re right, is that we feel like this is an instant replay of our last two seasons.

    Conference play starts, we get a few wins, and then boom! A bad loss on the road, in fact in the first tough place to play on the road in the league season. We laid an egg. We played like crap. We showed no fight.

    So to some of us overreacting it’s here we go again. You are right, it could be an outlier. Wisconsin had their outlier at Rutgers last year and nearly won a national title. But it could be the first crack in the shell of what turns out to be another disappointing season ending.

    I’m not sure what you saw last night that made you think elite 8 at worst? But I do like your optimism! Rock Chalk!

  • @wissoxfan83 yeah, the no-fight aspect is what has me troubled. Looked like a replay of the WSU game. Sorry to say, but when a team pressures these guys, they can’t handle it. Sweet sixteen at best this year.

  • @wissoxfan83

    If everyone stays healthy and eligible, we have the talent and the experience to be one of the best teams in the country.

    As someone else pointed out, the best teams typically end up in the later rounds of the tourney, but we never know which specific ones.

    The last two years we have missed out b/c our big man in the middle (Cliff and then Joel) went AWOL. This year, we have the C5 so we can adapt better, and our depth should give us better potential against an early round upset. But before then, we have some GREAT games ahead of us in Big 12 play.

    That OU game was Final Four quality - played at a very high level. We did have home court advantage but the game itself was unbelievable for early January. The WVU game was just muddy and ugly and physical and frustrating, just the way Huggie likes it with his guys. They love to foul and push and fight and elbow and press and attack on both ends, constantly. It is very hard to prepare for an assault like that, and jacking up threes all game long is not a recipe for consistent winning.

    My main concern is not the offense, but the defense, very unusual for our team since Coach Self has arrived. Their guards blew past our perimeter defenders time after time. Frank and Devonte and Wayne all had bad games at the same time (this will not happen again this year). I like our offense and we will shoot and make threes this year, but our defense needs to tighten up more.

    My main point is that the pressure of the way UWV played and the circumstances of this game were highly irregular. We will adjust and beat them at the Fieldhouse. We will improve on D and our O will get smoother and more fluid. Can we peak in March? Gotta believe.

    Rock Chalk!

  • Banned

    I’m starting to wonder if KU can even handle the Longhorns pressure?

  • Another good test…we need the test early, not in March.

    Longhorns are less talented than WVU in their 40 min of hell schemes.

  • The issue isn’t that KU lost to WVU. WVU is a very good team and beating top 15 teams on the road is very difficult. The issue is that this core group of players consistently loses to the same style of play repeatedly. WVU, MSU, WSU, Temple, Stanford are/were very physical teams and just flat out bullied KU and KU consistently curls up in the fetal position instead if fighting back. KU got physically dominated again which is ongoing trend with this group and it’s a very concerning one because KU is not likely to get lucky enough to avoid a physically imposing team for 6 straight games in March and April.

  • We have a game Saturday against TCU.

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