Chapter 1: "Okay, Pussycats!"

  • "Does anyone know where I can find a Jayhawk?

    Any of you pussycats know where I can find a Jayhawk?

    Let me explain what a Jayhawk is so if you see one you can let me know.

    A Jayhawk is someone who has never heard the word “quit.”

    A Jayhawk is someone who has never thrown the towel in like towel boys doing the laundry.

    A Jayhawk knows his/her identity… a winner… head pointed up… always going 200%… dignified… assured of themselves.

    From now on, I only want to spend what valuable hours I have left on this planet with real Jayhawks. If any of you pussycats wants to continue this relationship, you will have to become Jayhawks. And if you don’t want to strive to become a Jayhawk, there is the door. Don’t let it hit you in the arse on the way out, it might crush your pussycat tail. Or if you think you want to challenge me on who you think you are right now, I’ll go out the door with you and we can settle this in the yard. Any takers?

    So I need to know how many of you want to be Jayhawks, and how many of you want to stay pussycats? Who is in, and who is out? Decide. Just be sure… this will be one of the most important decisions you ever make with your life."

    (this is for our players…)

  • @drgnslayr chapter 1 is well done. Don’t let the editors of the world stop you from releasing others.

  • @JRyman

    This is only the beginning… I will go until the PC police kick in my front door.

  • This team needs some adversity. They rode the NCAA is out to get us up until this point with the Diallo situation, but that has lost its legs. What’s next?

  • @drgnslayr 1,100 lbs of screaming steel and sex appeal…all the ladies call us “big’en”…all the men call us sir…RCJHGKU…

  • @drgnslayr

    There was softness in the face of a hard enemy.

    Both in our coach and in our players.

    Our players must come together and say that felt like Wichita State and Marsha. There must be yet another level of hardness we must rise to.

    Coaches must come together and discuss how they might have been harder than Huggins.

    Hardness must replace softness.

    Beauty, salvation, titles and rings walk a razor’s edge.

    The razor’s edge is hard.

  • @drgnslayr

    Sorry for the language used in this video but…

  • Well, it could be worse:

    Major NCAA violations announced by Missouri, and the Tigers’ entire 2013-14 season – when Frank Haith was the coach – will be vacated.

  • What really makes this idea of posting “coach’s words” a great thing is for all of you to insert your additions to the coach’s words.

    So… it would be great if many of you took on the role as coach, and throw in your coaching.

    I know many of having been coached up well and have so much knowledge to offer that together we make ONE KICK ARSE COACH!

    Chapter 2… coming soon.


    “1,100 lbs of screaming steel and sex appeal…all the ladies call us “big’en”…all the men call us sir…RCJHGKU…”

    “Rusting steal and wax appeal… the way you pussycats melted down last night the ladies can only mistake you for a candle. Now drop and give me 200. Yes… 200,” says Sergeant Slayr.

  • “I’m going to deal with each one of you pansies now, individually. You’ve all been babied even more than my 10-month old daughter is now. Pathetic. None of you clowns could fight your way out of a wet paper bag. No pouting around here. Go home to your mommas and pout. And like I said before… if any of you pansies take this personal and want to challenge me, let’s go outside so we can see what you are really made of. Just take the first swing so I have the right to defend myself and explain to the judge why it was necessary to punch all the teeth out of your head.”

  • [ Tear down, followed by build up. You have to drown their identities in their own self-doubt before helping them retool to their new identities.]

  • One chapter was enough.

  • The question should be asked as to why did the team play soft and why weren’t they prepared to play. The blame must go on the coach, he did not do his job on this one, this is 3 years in a row he has failed in Morgantown but he will never acknowledge it. He will put the blame on the players.

  • @JRyman some will try, to keep him from, but you post away tell it like it is, there are some that want it sugar coated, don’t rock the boat, but tell it like it is. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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