February 13, 2016

  • This is now a circled date on the calendar.

    No it’s not the home game against WV to get a win back. Even though yes KU must hold serve at home from here on out.

    No this date is the road game in Norman. This is a must win on the road game to keep KUs hopes alive for getting the #1 Seed in the Big12 tournament.

    A loss in Norman could open the door for either OU and WV to get the top two seeds in theBig12 this year.

    So circle the date of February 13 on your calendars.

  • @JRyman Big game, but a lot can happen between now and then. I have always believed that losing at the contenders doesn’t kill you…losing at home (gasp) or losing to non-contenders (for argument sake I’ll say anyone but OU, ISU, WVU) will potentially hurt you because at least some of the other contenders will win there. I’m thinking 4 losses will at least get you a tie this year…but who knows.

  • I’m more concerned with 1/19 and 1/25 right now. Every road game will be tough this year.

  • I fully expect West Virginia will give this win right back, by following it up with a loss this weekend with a loss in Norman, Williams much bigger challenge with Spangler, Buddy being Buddy, just saying on that part, but we have to take care of our own business, as I have stated really ugly very disappointing never seen Frank look so bad,the only way to think now is, no matter how bad we were we have to re-group this was only 1 game in a very tough long conference season, better get back to basic ball handling skills Frank and Wayne were pitiful.

  • @benshawks08 Agree.

  • @jayballer54

    Losing on the road (especially to OU) won’t hurt. Now if they lose to Texas at home next Wednesday, then they give it back. But a road loss to another top team isn’t a death knell.

  • @JRyman I don’t know … last night’s loss, in my mind, means nothing. If we lose at OU and run the table, we’re 16-2 and win the Big 12. Each loss means more and more. Each win going forward mitigates the loss to WVU.

    But I get the point – if we win at OU. Huge deal for the Big 12 race.

    As @benshawks08 said, every road game will be tough. Every one. Awesome time of the year.

    Also, thanks for the APB thread last week. You really wanted me back posting? Thanks though.

  • @HighEliteMajor No there are no easy wins this year in the Big12. Especially on the road.

    Maybe it’s TCU’s hideous court design that messes a guys vision up like the Smurf turf at Bosie St. (My brother played there twice said it wants to make you throw up as a lineman)

    ISU will be gunning for KU at Ames again this year. Their fans will be very I to the upset. Their guys will drive the lane and they will pressure our guards.

    Shaka Smart will use this game as a point to his team as what can happen when you press Kansas.

    Karate will want to beat us to make DVDs of their one BIG win.

    And @HighEliteMajor sore we may disagree on certain points of the game and team but I’m not a complete a$$ when it comes to being human.

  • @HighEliteMajor 5 ranked teams on the road last night, and 1 out of 5 won.

  • On February 13 I’m more concerned with making sure I buy the right flowers, get reservations at the restaurant, and pick the best card for my wife! A win over OU, gravy!

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