3 Key elements, for tonight

  • just thought I would toss this out. Thinking 3 really big key things for the W tonight, #1 obviously, taking care of the ball, which I feel pretty confident in WVU is averaging turning opponents over 28.2 a game I don’t see that happening, they average 11.3 steals. so take care of the ball. # 2 Competing on the backboards, rebounding will be huge WVU averages 41.3 per games we avg 39.4 so that pretty well off sets but still can’t get let them beat us like a drum on their offensive boards, and then #3 turn them into jump shooters, unless tonight is a way above average night, they are terrible jump shooters they shoot 47.8 but a lot of that comes off their turnovers only 31.5 from the 3 pt that’s what I feel is essential to win this on the road. Also they do better defending the 3 BUT give up a lot of easy baskets teams shooting right at 50% inside the arc, they are not a good free throw shooting team 65.9 % just take care of business we should be fine. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BAY

  • @jayballer54 Setting good, clean, legitimate screens tonight is essential for a win!

  • Defense, Defense, Defense and Rebounds!


  • Transition defense/offense and rebounding determine this game. If KU starts getting dominated on the glass like OU started doing in the second half, in comes Landen and KU starts playing a lot of bad ball.

    We know WVU loves to press and fall back into a 1-3-1 zone defense so on offense, Mason, Graham, and Svi need to be focused and make good decisions to break the press. Ellis, Selden, and Greene could be in for big scoring nights if WVU presses more than they don’t and KU is able to break their press. Carlton Bragg and Diallo may not see very many minutes tonight if this game is close because Bragg is a turnover machine at 22% TO rate (2nd worst among the 11 regulars) and Diallo just simply doesn’t understand where he’s supposed to be in different situations yet.

    Jamari is a scary player tonight who’s likely to see more minutes than normal because of the anticipated tempo of the game. Traylor has the worst TO% among the 11 regulars (28%), but is also averaging his lowest TO/40 min of his career as well so a little bit of a conundrum there with those numbers. Traylor is going to be very important for his defense tonight and his ability to play transition defense and guard out on the perimeter. I would also expect to see Hunter play above normal minutes as well because of the nature of the game. Landen largely depends on how KU’s rebounding and the score of the game because if it’s close and WVU is dominating the glass, we will big doses of LL tonight.

    Best case scenario is KU does a great job of busting WVU’s zone and builds a lead and can get Bragg and Diallo some minutes because it is important, but they aren’t to the point of development yet where they’re trustworthy in close games in high pressure situations which is the more likely scenario tonight.

  • Stopping The ball in transition before they get into the paint.

    Take care of the ball either when pushing the pace or slowing it down.

    Rebounding on both ends of the floor.

  • 100 dunks on Williams!👀👀

  • Vegas has this a Pick game. They did have us as a 7.5 favorite to beat OU. Big snow storm in Morgantown tonight, how many fans show up. Holly Rowe tweeted that she was stuck on the way to the game in a “White Out.”

  • @wrwlumpy wasn’t the weather bad last year!

  • Pic from wv roads, Matt taitimage.jpg

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