Potentially good news about Diallo- NBA Draft.

  • It’s still really early but this is around the time scouts have had a chance to really form opinions on guys.

    Diallo in the latest Mock Draft from ESPN’s Chad Ford had him dropping from 13 to 28. I tend to take what Ford says with confidence only because he does reach out to GM’s about what they think. Ford isn’t a wizard but at least you get some insight and not guesses.

    Diallo has been horrible for Kansas in the early going, and unlike with Labissiere, scouts can’t point to a skill that would be unleashed in a different system.

    Diallo’s strength has always been that he works hard and plays defense. But he is a below-average offensive player and that has really shown early for Kansas.

    Scouts are still very intrigued, but everyone I spoke with felt he needed at least one more full year of college ball.

    May we see year 2 if this continues??

    Side not Bragg was part of the next 5 listed at 34. Svi at 44, Selden is up to 58.

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