WVU Redux: Size and strength inside, speed outside, Lousy Trifectation

  • If we can’t make our treys, we’re likely to get our heads handed to us.

    But man is this going to be a great game to watch and analyse.

    Kruger vs. Self = Duel of the Okie Baller Titans.

    Tubby vs. Self = Duel of the Maestro of Funnel to Center Defense vs. the Maestro of Clog the Driving and Passing Lanes Defense

    Huggy vs. Self = Duel of Two of the Last Three Real Defensive Men (Ratso being the third)

    Huggins is like Tubby in this regard: real men don’t need to be able to shoot to win basketball games. Shooting is for sissies.

    WVU shoots 31% from trey.

    If KU can find another 40% trey game in Morgantown and guard hard, KU should win.

    But here is the thing: Tubby exposed how to beat KU–take away the driving alleys and the easy shizz over the top. Do that and KU has to hunker down, play through Frank and Perry, and “make plays.”

    Bob Huggins was taking notes.

    And he will try to do with muscle to KU what Tubby did with a Ball Line scheme.

    The key to beating KU is: holding C5 to less than a double double, keeping Mason of the glass, and holding KU to less than 40% from trey. Do that, and KU will go down like a rock in a well.

    Self is going to have to go to the drawing board, or he is going to have to pull out what he has been saving, in order to get C5 untracked.

    Huggy will put a point guard on Frank Mason and tell him bump him where ever he goes on, the minute Frank even thinks about jumping for a rebound.

    The big sign on the bulletin board before the game in the WVU locker room will read something like this.

    Keys to victory:

    –keep Mason off the glass.

    –intimidate the skinny children KU plays at the 5.

    –guard the trey stripe.

    Self and KU have their work cut out for them, but KU’s perimeter guys will not have to guard the trey stripe much, which means WVU’s going to find it hard to score on KU inside, and KU is going to put WVU on the line plenty, because WVU only shoots 66% from Charityville.

    We should win this thing, if we keep our poise up and our TOs down, and find a way to turn it into a FT contest if our trey balling finally takes a dive.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Its kind of funny because even though KU shot 40% from trey at TxTech, it was still below their average. Thats bonkers! C5 still got a double double. Barely but they did.
    WVU seems to turn the ball over more than KU does too this year and TOs are a strength of our best backcourt since the 08 team. I agree. KU can win this game. But, I think we have to spot them 5 points for being at their place.

  • I recall the 08 Champs going into Bramlage against a poor-3-shooting team with then-little-known Jake Pullen + Denis Clemente, who while KU was busy double-teaming Beasley, they hit several 3s that kept them ahead for the W. Self admitted he went in with the “wrong gameplan”. Giving a mediocre 3shooter “open looks” in his own gym, when every BigXII team gets jazzed out of their minds to beat KU/#1/wickedWitchoftheNorth, we get their best shot. Notice how there’s always some guy who’s not on the 3-scout, yet buries a couple of key buckets against KU. We had the TxTech walk-on 7footer frat-boi hit 1 (or 2?).

    WVa is good enough to demand OU/IowaSt/Baylor-level of respect from the KU players.

    Don’t give WVa nothing. Disrupt their offense to high-heaven. Limit T.O.'s is the key to the game, and what their offense hinges on. (in my opinion…)

  • @ralster make our ft’s!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @ralster make our ft’s!

    Yeah, our 87.5% FT% from last night would work from here on out!

  • @Bwag hopefully we will be shooting a lot of them!

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