Ugly Game- - -BUT

  • Well. Really Ugly game, but you know what? Things like that happen sometimes, and good teams can find ways to win, even if they struggle, play ugly. Bottom line is, WE STILL WON, tough road win, and I think all road games in this league are going to be tough, there are no givens, even at TCU, look what happened yesterday, ya I know Texas isn’t great by far which by the way ( WELCOME to the Big 12 Shaka , a real conference ) but back to important things, like I was saying no givens on the road. Texas Tech is going to get more wins at home from conference teams, I knew this was going to be a challenge. Like I said it was ugly but we pulled it out, and that’s what makes the difference between a contender or a pretender whichever you prefer and a Champion. I definitely feel our experience help last night veterans, what more can you say about Frank? I mean 17 pts and 10 rebounds - - - -10 rebounds? from what? Frank is what 5FT 10 ? No matter the kid is tough, we win when Wayne really really struggles with his shot the entire game BUT yet probably hit 1 of the 2 biggest shots in the game, when game was still on the line, game time along with Franks 3 late in the game. Svi & Greene both hit a couple of big 3’s and much needed, this is coming from guys that just proved that we were not going to lose this game. Like I said ugly, ugly, but yet we found a way to win, pounded Tech to death on the boards, just look at it this way, we shoot like 41.8 percent from the field 9-22 from 3pt turn the ball over 15 times on the road in a pretty nice size crowd and still win, can’t complain to much. Games like this are called Survive and Advance a win is a win, not nearly as bad as a home loss- - - ummmm- - - hhmmmm HELLO?- - -Iowa State can you hear me now? LMAO anyways guys have a great day and as always ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Agree. Also consider that we broke Baylor’s back in AFH, yet they go into Hilton at IowaState and get a win. Surely we will have tough road games ahead: WV, OU, IowaSt, but we also know that TxTech could have surprised us, and TCU, KSU, OSU will give us their best shot.

    The WVa games will be some of our toughest games this season, due to style of play. But we are more equipped now to handle pressure than we have been in the last 4 yrs.

    Ever since Tyshawn graduated, and we went down to only 1 main ballhandler, we have not been equaling Self’s best teams. Now with the emergence of Devonte, the improvement in Wayne…all this just adds to 1 Frank Mason. Now we resemble the dangerous multiple PG teams of our own recent past.

    The “best sign” out of the KU team in the win over TxTech: our guys still had the “legs” late in the game to hit crucial 3s (Frank & Wayne).

    Like most fans, I get worried when we aren’t shooting well, but it must be remembered this particular KU team has more and better 3 shooters than any other KU team in the Self Era. Somebody is going to hit shots, and also these are highly competitive kids, now with the most experience they’ve had. Other than giving up the 13pt lead to MichState, this team knows what they are doing–maybe using that as fire/motivation…

  • Typical road conference game - grind it out. Keep winning. Style points don’t count.

  • It’s nearly a week later and I am still thinking about how high Jamari Traylor got up to pin that shot on the backboard with two hands. Wow! Incredible! Landon Lucas coming alive in overtime with key play after key play. Both players proving they belong.

  • @ralster Yes, having 2 point guards is key to success in Self’s system. Only recently did I realize what combo guard really means. I used to think it meant a guy who could play both guard positions equally well, but that’s not it. It’s a description of the position, not the player.

    Combo guards must come in pairs. You need 2 combo guards on the floor at the same time, either of whom can handle the ball or score. We finally have that again this year, and it’s beautiful.

  • @ralster said:

    this particular KU team has more and better 3 shooters than any other KU team in the Self Era.

    I’d say more and better than any other team in KU history (since the 3-pt line was added in 1986). The glut is pretty phenomenal.

  • @tundrahok I recall seeing the havoc that the 06-07 team’s younger Chalmers+RussRob+frosh Sherron were doing to opponents, and 08 proved the concept. I also talked with Ronnie Chalmers about it in 07.

    We saw it emerge again in 2012 with Tyshawn + EJ. EJ sorely missed the 2nd ballhandler/creator in 2013. Naadir was not up to the task.

    Now we finally see it again.

  • @ralster It’s been the whole problem, imo.

  • @ralster Self tried to make it happen with Selden the last couple of years, claiming Wayne could play some point, but that didn’t really work. Thank goodness he has found the right players, which lets Selden move over to his natural position on the wing and thrive.

  • @jayballer54er “Ugly But”… this was a test run for the Huggins hack attack in Morgantown Tues night. If we can pull off the win at “Hillbilly Heaven” we can win on the road anywhere… Does Huggs still get his cash bonus for defeating Self? I heard rumors that he get now gets a table dance from Oliver Lucks sister…who is said to be hitched to the mascot…who is said to be a back door cousin to Huggy …WVU.jpg Keeping it all in “da fambly”…

  • @KUSTEVE Exactly. Style points don’t count. All that counts is the road win. Our depth showed. Svi and Greene came in and hit 2 for 3 from 3 when Wayne and Devonte did not have good games. Although Wayne had a good 2nd half, we won, on the road with 2 of our better players not having good games. We played all those guys up front…and really needed to do that due to foul issues. Great win, considering.

  • @jayballer54 Yes. The bottom line is…we won on the road when our shots weren’t falling. I’ll take that anytime.

  • …more importantly, does anyone think KU wins this game last season? The improvement in confidence and chemistry is off the charts good. This team can win the close games even when it is not playing well.

  • @jayballer54

    “Games like this are called Survive and Advance a win is a win, not nearly as bad as a home loss- - - ummmm- - - hhmmmm HELLO?- - -Iowa State can you hear me now?”

    Oh so true.

    The road to the B12 championship goes through Lubbock, Ames, and all the other venues. Just don’t tell the rest of the teams that. Let teams like ISU focus ahead on AFH instead of taking care of business at home. Baylor swept them last year and won in Ames last year, too. Those losses count the same as a loss in AFH.

    I’m not saying teams should cave in when coming to AFH. But this stupid idea that the conference winner is determined in Lawrence is downright stupid and is not supported with mathematics. A loss is a loss and a win is a win. Teams should first focus on making sure they can split with us.

    We could win all home games and lose the B12.

    Fortunately, Self can count. He knows the road to another B12 championship goes through places like Lubbock. We have to win some of our road games to secure the title.

  • @drgnslayr Yes. That has been our formula. Win the road games where others slip up. I would not be at all surprised if one of the contenders loses a game in Lubbock.

  • @globaljaybird I agree, I think it is a huge help to have our 2 point guars sort of speak, Devonte and Frank handle their pressure, and then also have Wayne as a spot relief value to break the pressure, I think teams are starting to figure WV out, I saw the transformation in that with them against Virginia, took Virginia awhile but then they went with 2 point guards and teams seem to be following suit. as long as we handle their on ball pressure up the floor I think we should hold our own. We to can apply defensive pressure, keep the turn overs down, turn them into a jump shooting team and I’ll take our chances any day of the week. They ARE NOT a good jump shooting team by any means, so unless it’s just a bizarre night I think we can match up just fine, just gonna have to be competitive on the boards can’t afford to get blistered on the rebounds. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BAY

  • @JayHawkFanToo I agree. like I stated also, I think like you say, a lot has to do with experience, maturity, this team just has the feel of like they have that persona of we are not gonna lose, and again the difference between a contender, or pretender is the good teams find ways to win, whether they are at the top of their game, or if they have to play ugly. Bottom line is we played ugly- - -but we still won, good teams over come adversity. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BAY

  • @Hawk8086 Me either. Texas Tech is no slouch. look how they kept fighting back, take them last year, after we came out in the 2nd half hit them right square in the mouth went up by 10, last year it was over, the collapse would of been on, I’m gonna predict right now they taking someone down, you might think I’m crazy but you know what? I think the team they get in Lubbock- - - - West Virginia , we shall see but I’m feelin it, West Virgiina is horrible jump shooters, just the way Texas tech plays get West Virginia in a half court game watch, we shall see, then the other obviously is I think they take Iowa State now unless they just totally collapse, I think they might have a shot at the NCAA’S probably a low seed, but still, we shall see. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Worst 25 seconds of basketball this year.

  • @wrwlumpy LOL.

  • @wrwlumpy That was indeed a pretty horrendous sequence. Thank goodness the ball finally went out of bounds so both teams could stop and pull their heads out of … well, you know.

  • @jayballer54 W is a W. I’ll take it. WVU wont be easy on tuesday. In fact Itll be harder. Toss a coin and pick either KU or WVU and you might be right.

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