TT game not a trap

  • I have been hearing that the TT game might be a trap with our guys coming off of that great OU game and heading in to play WVU (who sits with 2 road wins in their pocket). I don’t see it, specially after TT played ISU so tough.

    I believe that they will have bounced back with the extra rest between games and with the knowledge that road wins are all going to be tough and that TT has been playing pretty good ball.

    No trap, but a hard fought win is in KU’s future. So sayeth Madame Cleo

  • @Kong I believe coach Self will NOT let them have a mind set of over looking Tech.

  • @Kong Can be a very dangerous game, playing Iowa State within 7 at Ames. That says one of two things, either Iowa State isn’t at quite the level as last year, of course losing Long sure doesn’t help OR Texas is a little better then what was thought OR a combo of both. What ever the case may be I’m pretty sure the combo of Coach having them prepared & them knowing no road game is a given, they should be ready. I think another year of maturity with our guys helps us on the road, you know their place will be full or really close, always is where ever KU plays but we will be represented fairly well with our own fans always have been, just got to strap it up. As always ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • What I’ve seen happen in the Big12 since Kansas and Self have started this streak is schools want to be the ones the knock KU off the mountain top. They want to be the school at the end of the year that had their arms wide open yelling “Top of the world mom!”

    So they’ve all went out and hired quality coaches and have paid them all nicely in doing so. I mean WV has an incentive for Huggy just to beat Self I. The regular season?

    With better head coaches at the schools along comes better recruiting and better players. Making games a lot harder to win night in and night out.

    Texas proved if you aren’t going to be competitive vs Self they will get another guy to take your place. I think that OKie state is probably the next to do so with replacing Ford.

    No days off for the Kings of the hill.

  • I think I would see this game as a trap game if we were further along in B12 play and we were still undefeated.

    A huge part of Self’s B12 strategy is to get out of the blocks quickly. He has these guys focused on not losing a game early in B12 play.

    So step 1 is to win every game now and get the rest of the field chasing us.

    Now if this was later in the season and we had a cushion on teams like OU and ISU… it would be harder to motivate the guys for this game, regardless if TT is dangerous or not. TT isn’t a team where we circle them on our calendars. It is as simple as that.

    I think it will say a lot about the maturity of this team if we can go through the season and build a winning cushion and still go play teams like TT and bring the same desire we have for the top teams in our league.

    We won’t know any of this until it happens.

    One of the issues I have had with Kansas teams in the past is our inconsistency of coming ready to play. Historically, we had some games where our guys just didn’t show up.

    Will that be the case this year? I hope not but we won’t know until we are there. I hope these guys have matured enough to bring game EVERY game!

  • ISU led OU most of the game at OU…the problem with ISU and OU is their short benches which will show up more towards the end of the season.,

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