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  • This is a nice article. Thanks for posting it.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 - nice read.

    “”" Twelve games into this 2015-16 season, the return to a smaller backcourt has sparked a return to form. No. 2 Kansas ranks seventh in the nation in scoring (87.2 points per game), fourth in three-point shooting (45 percent) and 16th in assists (18.5 per game). “”"

    I wonder if we can keep the stats like that starting tomorrow.

  • The Bear hunt starts at 4PM Eastern today. Don’t be late…


    If we could only get back that 10 minute stretch against MSU…then again , that may have been the wake up call we needed. I love the way our team moves the ball. They are not perfect, but they are perfect for me. I am enjoying the ride.

  • @KansasComet Playing two point guards has changed our whole offense. This is the best offense I’ve seen since 2008. Everyone is stressing over who is playing the 5, and I am coming to the conclusion that with this new offense, it’s not as big an issue as it would’ve been in years past. So far, we have played two teams ( Vandy/ Anteaters ) that were much taller than us, and we honestly didn’t bat an eye. Plus, I think our team is alot more fun to watch playing fast.

  • @KansasComet I was just thinking about that yesterday - I have no reason to think that MSU is better than us. But that loss I think provides a little motivation for future games.

  • Very cool article. I used to think (in the Naadir days) that “combo guard” really meant not-a-point-guard. But maybe that’s ok as long as you have 2 combo guards playing side by side. Either can play point, and that flexibility opens up the options for distributing and taking it to the hole. In Self’s system it takes 2 real guards (not just wings) to take the team all the way. EJ was great when playing alongside Tyshawn, but couldn’t really do the job all alone (in 2012-13 with McLemore and Releford as the other 2 starting guards). Tharpe was way out of his depth trying to do it alone the next year.

    As @KUSTEVE pointed out, having a stud in the 5 spot isn’t really as crucial when you have 2 real guards playing together. A role player can suffice. I’ve been pretty cautious in my optimism this year, but with the strength of our guards, caution be damned. I’m excited!

  • What a great article, thanks for sharing. I liked one of the comments at the bottom of the article…

    "Any other of the local fan bases from around here care to sign up for a Kansas type of season of, “Suffering through a 25-10 season…?”

    Not many teams would call winning 25 games playing a tough schedule, in a tough conference (and winning said conference again), “suffering”. It is good to be a Jayhawk basketball fan 🌞 Can’t wait for another home win tomorrow night and relish #1 for a while.

    (though I can easily envision the current warm and fuzzy feelings evaporating for the “sky is falling” crowd at the other site coming back out in a hurry if we lose)

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